20 Things I'd Like To Do In College

Looking for something to look forward to this semester? Add these to your college bucket list:

1. Meet people from 3 different countries

2. Join a club

3. Go to church

4. Learn about different religions

5. Find a new hobby

6. Maintain a 3.0 GPA

7. Try Indian food

8. Don't procrastinate

9. Go to a concert

10. Get a new piercing

11. Don't gain the "freshman 15"

12. Go on spontaneous adventures

13. Attend a festival

14. Read a book cover to cover

15. Get a small tattoo

16. Find a way to be in two places at once

17. Go somewhere for "Taco Tuesday"

18. Meet a nun

19. Try listening to a new genre of music

20. Travel for spring break

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