The Netflix-Original Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt follows the life of a woman rescued from being in an underground cult for 15 years and adjusting to the real world, specifically the New York City world. Kimmy, along with her Broadway-aspiring-roommate, the rich and entitled employer, and street-woman friend, depict college life perfectly!

1.When You First Get To College And Taste That Freedom

No parents around to tell you to clean your room or cook you dinner or give you a curfew. You're on your own. This can be scary and fun all at the same time.

2. When You Pass Someone From High School On Campus

You left high school behind, or at least you thought you did. This can also apply to when someone asks you about your high school experience. No, nope, none of that!

3. When Someone Asks You To Do Something With Them

Going to class was hard enough, now just let me enjoy my bed and Netflix marathon, please.

4. When The Poor College Student Life Becomes Too Real

Because these pass as iPhones and laptops right?

5. When The Bartender Asks You What You Want To Drink

Being an adult means drinking wine, right?

6. Finals Week

It's fine. It will all be fine.

7. Coming Back After A Night Out

Nothing like trading in the heels in for slippers and the dress in for sweats.

8. When You Show People Your College Dorm

The college dorm is something else. Communal bathrooms, small rooms, weird smells and awkward noises.

9. Trying To Defend Your Major And Life ChoicesHaving to answer the "what's your major?" question. Then explaining why you chose it. Then what you want to do with the major.

10. Sleeping And Eating Becomes Your Daily Routine

Although the food quality does go down to whatever is the cheapest and most available.

11. When You Finally Sort Of Figure Out How To "Adult

This isn't so scary right? It's definitely a learning process, but overtime some things start to make sense and work and college is all about learning what it means to be on your own and who you are.

Kimmy Schmidt and her friends capture the ups and downs of college as just like us, she is figuring out her place in this world and how to make it.