Memes. Yes, I did say memes. They are everywhere on the internet, whether you see them on Facebook or your little brother sends them to you because he is your little brother. Over the past two years or so (that's how long I had my phone), I have been saving memes on my phone from various social media outlets or from ones that my friends or family send me. So while yes, I may not know where they are from, I have gathered up some from my phone to help me describe a typical day for me because there are moments where I can describe a moment just by sending a simple picture.

1. Waking up before your first morning class.

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2. Getting breakfast knowing you are going to be late but don't care.

Know Your Meme

3. Going to that class that gives you the biggest headache ever.


4. Hearing from said class there is an exam in a few days and you have no time to prepare.

5. Seeing that hot person across campus.

6. When your best friend texts you saying they had a bad day and it's only 3 p.m.

7. When that one person in the group project gets on your nerves.


8. You made it through the day without one mental breakdown but you spoke too soon.


9. are going to sleep when you have that one assignment due at midnight.


10. Finally going to sleep knowing it's going to probably repeat tomorrow.