The 5 Stages Of Sitting In Atlanta Rush Hour, As Told By 'New Girl'

If you live in, around, or even near the city of Atlanta, there is one thing you have in common with the people you live around: you HATE rush hour. Hours and hours of simply sitting in the car, just trying to get home from work, a trip, or whatever you chose to do that day, are what you dread most in life. Here are the five stages of sitting through rush traffic as told by the cast of "New Girl"!



You get off the exit and see the pool of cars, back to back, not even moving an inch... it can't be real. Can it?



Now you are in that pool of cars, looking around at all the people around you wondering why they all decided to go the exact same way as you and the rest of the entire city.



We have reached the point where you are looking around at the surrounding cars thinking: "OK, guys, let's all work together!! If you can just let me in then we will all be one step closer to getting where we need to go!"



Now you are thinking about how you never asked for this and would give anything to be out of that dang car!



You have finally reached the point where you know there is nothing you can do to make this better, so why not turn up your music and enjoy some quality "me-time."

Rush hour is never fun, but going through it is worthwhile when you finally reach your destination, so buckle up and enjoy the ride!

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