The countdown to the presidential election is coming to a rapid end as we await to find out who the next leader of our country shall be. While early voting is over, there is still a chance for everyone who hasn't voted to do so on the 8th. Notice how I didn't say "to do so on the 8th if they want to" because everyone who can vote needs to. I understand that both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are controversial in their own right and, as a result, even hardcore, committed Democrats and Republicans are struggling with whether to vote left or right. So many people already have this mentality that it's acceptable to take the easy route and simply not vote, either because they can't decide or that their vote "doesn't matter."

Yes, we're all just one person but this election hold far more weight than any of the others, and thus your vote does, very much count. So go out and vote. If you know you're registered but don't know the next step (I'm lookin' at you, Milenials), ask a professor or boss! If you're nervous to go alone, take a friend! Offer to buy them lunch after. Find a way to get out there and do it.

To wrap up my spiel on why voting is important, here is also a gif set about college life as told by our lovely Democratic and Republican candidates:

1. When you raise your hand in class to speak, but then you completely lose the eloquent phrasing you had prepared in your head and start rambling to try and prove you're smart.

2. When a professor tells you they loved your assignment.

3. When you're trying really hard to listen to your friend's story but you're honestly too exhausted from midterms.

4. When another student makes a better point than you.

5. When someone asks if you've started the paper yet.

6. When a cute acquaintance smiles at you on campus.

7. Walk into the party like...

8. Going to class hungover the next day like...

9. When you survive another semester

10. When group projects still exist

11. GO VOTE!