Who doesn't enjoy basking in some Eminem raps, throwing it back to his golden days of the 90s and early 2000s, and as Slim Shady says, "just don't give a f*ck?" We may be in college now, but growing up with his tunes still empowers us, and seeing fun gifs of him so accurately describing college makes these days a little easier to get by when you're knees deep in studying. So here's a toast Slim, from a kid who grew up with your music and is currently trying to get by in college with a little help from those raps, too.

1. Coming back on campus and seeing friends and old teachers

2. Having to introduce yourself to the class

3. And then they ask you to tell something about yourself to the class

4. Going into an exam totally unprepared and having no idea what you're supposed to be doing

5. When your roommate eats your food

6. When you're caught eating your roommate's food...

7. When the teacher decides not to give that quiz you studied all night for

8. When the teacher gives a pop quiz

9. When you didn't study for the test and, what a shocker, you failed

10. When friends of yours try to take your food

11. When the teacher calls on you about something that you should know, but clearly you didn't read/study

12. When the teacher claims you have exceeded your absences/tardies but you know it's only been two

13. Those late night munchies though...

14. When the teacher says the class will be easy, but you know better

15. When you write an essay in one-go, don't read over it, and end up getting a good grade

16. When your grade starts dropping and you aren't sure if you can save it

17. When the teacher makes a negative comment about a student in class without saying your name but you know it's about you

18. Acing that exam you thought you were for sure going to fail (especially if you didn't study)

19. When you get way too drunk one night and immediately regret some of the things you did the next day

20. When the people in your group aren't actually doing anything and it's up to you to do almost everything

21. When you go to class looking like you just got out of bed but you could care less

22. When you just can't handle all the frat boys and srat girls anymore

23. Not having a single clue about what you actually want to do with your life