College is exactly like NBC's show, The Office because we never want it to end. Though Steve Carell's character, Michael Scott, is a one of a kind of guy, college students can absolutely relate to his antics in one way or another. Here's your regular week in college as told by the and only Michael Scott.

1. Anytime there is a dog on campus.

2. When participation is part of your grade.

3. Whenever your professor asks if everyone understands.

4. Having an 8 a.m. class.

5. Every. Lecture. Ever.

6. Giving a presentation you know nothing about.

7. Trying to reach the word count for your paper.

8. When you're trying to study for an exam.

9. When you're stuck studying and see people on Snapchat having fun.

10. Actually passing an exam you swore you failed.

11. When you can finally stop worrying about grades because it's the WEEKEND.

12. When you get the aux cord at the pregame.

13. Seeing your best friend at a party.

14. Then losing your best friends a minute later.

15. When someone says its time to go home.

16. But then they mention food...

17. When you get the call that the food has arrived.

18. Then trying to get into bed after a night out.

19. Sunday morning.