A common thought amongst many naive college students is that once they get into a good college, they're automatically set for their future. This misconception very often leads to students who graduate college simply to say they have a college degree from a reputable university– without having any of the knowledge to back it up. It is this process of thought that leaves many students in debt with no gained knowledge to justify the debt.

You get out of college what you want out of college. If you are going to college for a journalism degree, you should make it your goal every class to better your writing and become the best journalist you can be. Simply going to class and turning in sub-par papers that barely keep your grade above a 70% is not making the most of your degree and is practically flushing money and knowledge down the drain.

College is more about learning than it is about partying. While yes, every college student should have their fair share of fun and partying over the four years, it's important to always prioritize grades and classes over parties and social life. If you have tons of homework you need to get done before Monday, you probably shouldn't be going out to numerous parties over the weekend before finishing your homework. Deciding to attend these parties and finishing your homework last minute in a rushed fashion is not putting your education first.

There is nothing funny about failing a class and needing to retake it. Often, when I hear someone talking about the fact that they failed a class and need to retake it, it is told in a very nonchalant and brushed off manner. If I were to fail a class, I would not only reprioritize but would also consider the fact that I may have been putting college on the back burner and should not be paying to attend a university if I'm not ready to put in the effort to succeed.

Knowledge is a privilege, not a right. If you are fortunate enough to attend a university and have access to extensive teachings in a plethora of topics–it is not only a waste– but it is selfish to disregard the knowledge at your disposal. There are many people in this world that only wish they could attend college, so don't be ungrateful if you have the chance to fulfill what many less fortunate people only dream of.