College Kids: How Much Is Too Much?

College Kids: How Much Is Too Much?

We are constantly looking at the next deadline, next step, next opportunity to make ourselves "better than the rest."

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As my first college semester comes to a close, there are more than a few things from this school year that I have learned. Perhaps one question though that I haven't come around to answering—how much is too much? College kids are ruthless, staying up as late as they possibly can to cram for that 8:00am exam followed by a presentation and club activities... only to start over again the next day.

I think for me personally coming into this school year I knew I would be busy, but I didn't realize all the extra work that would come along with it. I am fully passionate about each and every activity I indulge myself in but have quickly learned how much I can and can't handle. We live in a generation where college kids brag about pulling an all nighter because the grind NEVER stops. Don't you think your brain needs a break from all that grinding?

Suddenly our school work and and extracurriculars become us, leaving no time to even think for and about ourselves. We are constantly looking at the next deadline, next step, next opportunity to make ourselves "better than the rest."

I am fully guilty of living by this mindset myself—spreading myself too thin, though I tell myself I'm not. I quickly became involved in my sorority, two clubs within my major, taking 18 credits, and trying to leave room for social time and none for myself. But if I'm enjoying the chaos of it all, then it's not too much, right?

I've found more times than not we lose a piece of ourselves when we start pushing personal goals and things that make us truly happy to the side. The minute we start making excuses is the minute we prioritize 100 other things before the well-being of ourselves.

I believe that if you are doing what you love and love what you do, it may never feel like too much. But, I also believe that it is extremely important take a step back and evaluate the things you are prioritizing—is yourself at the top or bottom of that list? It's all about finding a happy balance where you can enjoy the now while also doing work.

Challenge yourself this week to set aside 10 minutes a day to check in with yourself. This could mean listening to your favorite song without multitasking or committing to closing the textbook and computer at 11:00pm and going to bed. We are more than tired college students and extracurriculars. We are only human.

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