2017 was the definition of a wild ride. It started off with my getting into college, well 2016 ended with me getting into college but whose cares, and it’s ending with my first semester. So much has changed and there is so much I am looking forward too in 2018. 2017 was literal madness but I feel like 2018 might outdo it. Here is my New Year's resolution.

  1. Talk less sleep more
  2. Complain less
  3. Wear more fuzzy socks
  4. Aquire fuzzier socks
  5. Go to Soul Cycle and not tell people
  6. Watch less Netflix
  7. Talk less about being gluten-free
  8. Talk more about Jake Paul
  9. Win HQ
  10. Actually take vitamins
  11. Spend less money
  12. Eat less popcorn
  13. Clean more
  14. Not complain about the weather
  15. Wash clothes more often
  16. Wake up before noon on the weekends
  17. Listen to better music
  18. Be kinder
  19. Seriously complain less
  20. Stop obsessing over Guy Fieri
  21. Be up to date on the entire season of the bachelor
  22. Take 20,000 steps a day
  23. Not complain about the dining hall
  24. Speak up
  25. Shut up
  26. Not listen to really loud music
  27. Talk on the phone more
  28. Live in the moment
  29. Treat yo’ self more
  30. Be thankful for each and every day.