Every college student knows the restrictions of dorm life, with one of them being food options. For me, I live in a dorm with no kitchen (and no space for that matter), so cooking does not happen. At this point in the year, I am almost halfway done with my freshman year of high school and have gotten my routine down. Part of this routine is finding times to eat and places to eat without spending money but without eating at the dining hall (it's pretty bad). Here are some thoughts that every freshman in college has had at one point or another.

1. How many times have I had Chic-fil-a this week?


Three, and it's Monday, but who's counting.

2. I'm not sure if this sushi is expired or not but I'm going to eat it anyway


Yep, the rice is hard, so probably expired. Oh well.

3. I guess I'll have Subway for lunch and dinner


It's close, and if I put lettuce on it that means it's healthy, right?

4. It's raining... tomato soup it is


I'm really mixing it up by eating soup instead of Chic-fil-a.

5. When is the next break again?


I need to go home and eat real food, like Pizza Rolls.

6. Is Skittles a good enough dinner?


What about if I eat 4 bags? Is that enough to fill me up?

Thanksgiving break (with real food), here I come.