8 Things All Students Understand During Finals, Especially About Coffee

We all lie to ourselves at some point during finals week; here's just a handful of examples. I know I've told myself a couple lies or maybe lied and told myself I had enough time but really just can't manage time well.

1. Getting coffee every day, multiple times a day. 

Whether it's Starbucks or you brew it at home, sometimes too much coffee can be less effective. If you consume too much coffee and start to get this gross feeling, it's time to drink some water and go to bed. Trust me.

2. Adding on espresso shots like it guarantees an A

I'm completely guilty of this one. My go-to Starbucks drink is a triple shot on ice with light cream in a grande cup. Talk about a caffeine overload. A couple shots here and there are okay but if you're doing that multiple times a day then that isn't necessarily healthy.

3. Telling yourself everything’s fine meanwhile you’re crying for the millionth time today. 

Ah another I'm guilty of. I can be on my fourth mental breakdown and still keep saying, “I'm fine, everything's fine."

4. Poor time management

We all do this. We think we have plenty of time to study or plenty of time to finish an assignment but really, the due date is fast approaching. So you enjoy your Netflix binges and your Thursday's out because soon, panic will set in, dear friend.

5. Calculating what grade you need on the final to do well in the class

This is a hard one to not do. Maybe you're trying to save yourself some panic or maybe you're just lazy. I don't recommend calculating the grade you need to pass because then you may not study as hard as you need to.

6. Not eating even remotely well. 

I make this mistake before any big test. I'm stress cramming and don't eat dinner because I don't have time or I just microwave popcorn because it's fast and easy. There's a time crunch around finals season but that doesn't mean your health should suffer because of it.

7. Everyone’s practically living in comfy clothes

If it were up to me, I would wear my yoga pants every single day. Or even just pajama pants and a nice comfy t-shirt with some fuzzy socks. Unfortunately, I work too so this is not possible.

8. Craving home more than ever

As college kids, some may not get to see/spend much time with their family like others. Finals really make me miss the days of my mom's home cooking and her willingness to give me a hug when needed.

Sic finals, friends, and trust in the Lord that He will guide and carry you.

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