College Debt Isn't Worth It
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College Debt Isn't Worth It, Hear Me Out

If you have any uncertainties, don't go to school.

College Debt Isn't Worth It, Hear Me Out
Arleth Uranga

I'm going to start by saying that I absolutely love Friends University and the community it has provided for me, but college debt isn't worth it. If you don't know what you're going to study, if you are unsure about your future, don't go to school.

I say this because so many people go into debt during their college years just because they've been told they need to go to college right after high school or to even be successful.

College is a tool that'll help you advance your capacities, but not the make or break of your future career. Universities and College are making money (A LOT OF MONEY) off your insecurities, hopes, dream, and fears of failure and enough is enough.

Do your research, find schools that are genuinely interested in helping you succeed and staying safe. Make sure that if you do decide to attend college, that you are in control. Don't be pressured into classes you don't want to take, don't be afraid of challenging professors, faculty, and/or staff because you don't feel you are receiving a quality education.

On orientation day (and even many college tours) many universities say "We have (insert things that sound impressive) and we love our students."

It may sound great, but the truth of it is that, for the tuition you are paying, you definitely deserve more. Ask them about things such as Title IX and how they are actively reducing rape incidents on campus, their plans to stop an active shooter, or even things such as finding community among professors and faculty.

Tweet about campus security@allyf95 on Twitter

Before you jump into something as big as college and debt there are a few questions you need to ask yourself.

"Do I know my passion?"

"Will going to school help my career or set me back $30,000+?"

"If I decide to attend school will I be safe?"

"Will the school protect me or blame me in order to keep one more check?"

It's sad to think that schools have this mentality, but at the end of the day, some schools just assign a number and receive payments. Don't be afraid to discover your values, who you are, and what school is best for you.

Also, the only difference between a public and a private school is the price so, If you can help it, save that money, go to a Junior College for your general education requirements. Make sure that you aren't just a money sign to them and make sure you're being taken just as serious as your money.

We are blamed for killing industries and laughed at for still living at home with parents, but the truth is that the previous generation told us we NEEDED a college degree to be successful and to be taken seriously.

This isn't true. Discover who you are, what your passions are, and if you don't need to go to school to make it, then don't go. If you do need to go to school, find ways to save and get your money's worth! A degree doesn't define us and neither does choosing a different career path than from what our family or relatives expect from us.

Thanks, Mom and Dad for always welcoming me into your home, to my University for being amazing (even if it's too expensive,) and to each and every one of the professors, faculty, and staff for helping reach my goals.

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