Two years ago, around this time, I chose to go to Morningside College. I went in thinking I knew what I wanted to major in: Computer Science. My first year, it went well. I figured, being the slightly pessimist that I am, that because I couldn't see subjects that I excelled in through high school and because I liked technology and the like, that I would just major in Computer Science.

This year, I learned that I was wrong. I started out the Fall semester pretty rough. I was taking all science and math classes, such as Physics and Transition to Abstract Math. I struggled a lot and was on the verge of giving up. After multiple talks with my parents about how every time we talked about my classes, I always talked about how bad they were and how I didn't understand everything like my classmates, I learned that I was in the wrong major. So I changed it.

Last month, I changed my major to English. My parents thought that I would strive in the English field, especially since I showed potential and passion with it in high school. This change has probably been one of the best decisions in my life. One of my biggest passions is reading. Along with that, I aspire to be a writer someday. I think that with this change, I can accomplish that goal. I have since realized in the month that I have changed my major I have seen a change in myself. I am happier and I don't feel like I am constantly struggling, though it isn't easy to change gears like I have. Going from Computer Science to English is a huge change.

If you are to take anything away from this, it is that college is worth it, but only if you go for yourself and for something that you believe in or want to do. Don't choose a path that will make you money if you hate it. The main reason I chose computer science was because I knew the jobs would pay well. That is not worth it. It makes school harder. You pay attention less and you are not in it enough to do a great job. I know from experience. I would rather make less money doing something I love than make more money doing something I am not passionate about.

So, whether you are in college now or planning to go to college, do it for yourself. Do something you enjoy. It makes all the difference in the world.