College As Told By Baby Goats
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Student Life

College As Told By Baby Goats

Because would you want any other baby animal describing your college experience?

College As Told By Baby Goats

College is such a weird time because you're an adult – but just barely. You're finally off living on your own and going to school – but let's be real: school is hard and so is caring for yourself. Ever been sick in college? Yeah, it sucks. However, you would never trade back your freedom because college is also fun and full of opportunities. Here are 9 universal college experiences that can be described by only the cutest baby animal- baby goats:

1. The moment you remember that you have a quiz due by midnight.

There are always those days when you think you have everything done and then, surprise! You forgot that you had a psych quiz due by midnight and you have 30 minutes to complete it. Nothing like the rush of racing the clock to turn your assignment in on time, right?

2. Your face when your professor says "this is not an assignment you can wait until the last minute to do."

Well, knowing me, I'm going to procrastinate anyways. I know they're trying to help me but this also seems like a challenge to my ability to cram everything I need to do into the night before. Plus, I live off the rush of caffeine and stress (in all honesty though- don't wait until the last moment).

3. The feeling when you ace an exam you were sure you were going to bomb.

I went into my classroom with a lot of doubt and came out feeling like a rockstar. Hello, NASA? Are you guys hiring because I just made an "A" on my biology exam.

4. How you feel having to spend money on textbooks.

Having to drop a couple hundred bucks on books is hands down the worst. You keep thinking of what that money could've bought. Do you know how many times I could've gone to Chick-fil-a with that money?

5. How you feel when you get the last spot in a class for registration.

Let's be real here, registration is a struggle. You're trying to make a perfect schedule time-wise, with classes not too early and not too late. You're also trying to get into the classes you need and let's be real – all the good classes fill up fast. Getting that last spot feels like somewhat of a victory, better luck next time to those who didn't get in!

6. How you feel when your early morning class gets cancelled.

Nothing like waking up and seeing the email that tells you not to come to class today. A rare incidence, but we are ever – so thankful for them. Now we have extra time to snuggle up in bed before our next class!

7. How you feel in class after staying up late studying.

Remember how I told you not to wait until the last minute? Yeah, caffeine can only do so much for you. Sometimes you just get to the point of sleep deprivation where you really just need to have a mini-hibernation session.

8. The moment when your professor says you can work with partners on an assignment.

You thought group projects would die in high school? Think again. Some professors really enjoy assigning group projects. The whole look-you-gave-your-friend thing, yeah that's still happening too. Woo college! (And if you're anything like me, you'll still hate group projects).

9. When it's finally the weekend so you and your squad dress cute and do something fun.

Most days I may look like death, but if you spot me on the weekend you might find me wearing makeup and wearing a nice outfit. You'll also probably spot pictures of me and my friends on instagram, but hey, it's not everyday that I look nice!

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