With the summer sun slowly going away and college coming around the corner, we rush to get everything we need to move into our dorms. For some us, we are just returning students and we already have a feel as to what college is like. However, for others it's a whole new beginning and a new chapter in their life. Of course for those who college is new to, it's okay to have so many emotions flow through.

As an incoming freshman heading into college I was very nervous at first and excited, I was ready to start this new adventure. I can be the first to tell you, it's perfectly normal to feel nervous about starting college. It's a new experience and especially if you're dorming, living away from home is like a whole different world. However, don't feel like your alone with all these emotions going through you, all the other freshman are just as nervous as you are.

We are told that college is so hard and stressful and well it definitely isn't a game, as long as you stay focused and separate fun from your education you will succeed. Your academics should come first because that is why you are in college in the first place. One successful tip is to always write down your assignments and stay organized to stay on track in all of your classes. Now, i'm not saying that you aren't allowed to have any fun at all because it is okay to hang loose on weekends with friends as long as you're safe and your work is done. Everyone handles everything differently, so you just have to find the system that best works for you to succeed in school.

Keep in mind that college is a new chapter in your life, maybe try out for a sport and join clubs to get active on campus. College will become more fun and exciting if you put yourself out there more and try to make new friends. It's perfectly fine to make new friends at college, just because you have some back home doesn't mean you aren't allowed to make new ones. Your old friends from back home should understand and if they don't well, they aren't real friends.

College is very exciting and it will be what you make out of it. It can be the best four years of your life and you'll always remember the first day of college. Always keep in mind, you aren't alone at college either. There are counselors and advisors you can talk to if you need help with anything. You can even ask your RA for help if you feel more comfortable doing so.

So as we slowly kiss summer vacation bye and say hello to college, make sure to spend quality time with the people you love. Make those last summer memories with your friends, until you see them again. Hang out with your parents because after all they are going to be the ones who will miss you the most. Spend quality time with your siblings if you have any and most importantly be prepared for what college will bring you.