College And Cannabis
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College And Cannabis

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College And Cannabis
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College is that new big chapter in your life known to be where you step out of your comfort zone and try new things. Maybe join a club, try out for a sport, make new friends, or try new foods. All those things are great but I am not going to be discussing any of those.

I will be discussing the usage of drugs in college. I would just like to clarify that by colleges I mean ALL colleges, the private religious, non-religious universities, the Cal States, the community colleges, yeah they all do it. No one gets singled out.

Let's get one thing straight, I am not promoting drug use. Just a girl speaking her mind.

Now, the big obvious drug used is the good ol' Mary Jane. She has been around for a very long time. She is loved by many but also hated.

People in college tend to want to try this new thing along with other harder drugs, which is understandable. Understandable in the way that our entire lives we have been told NOT to do drugs. We even had Red Ribbon Week, which is a week long of hearing how drugs and alcohol are extremely bad for you and we should say NO if ever offered. Now, I have heard over and over that if you tell someone not to do something they are more than likely to do it. Maybe not as a kid, but once you hit the age of 18 or maybe younger you tend to challenge those who tell you not to do something.

Although most college students do decide to try and maybe continue using drugs, we must recognize those who do not. And there is nothing wrong with those who don't. If you don't use drugs but wish to try, no one can generally stop you. It is 100% your decision. The only thing I would like to point out is don't let yourself be peer pressured. Do not let people bring you down because you choose not to. All I ask is that you have the same courtesy to those who choose to smoke and do other drugs. Have a mutual respect for both parties.

Okay, so the big question most people have is "why?" Why do students decide to smoke and try other drugs? Well, why not, no seriously why not beside the fact that they are bad for you? Think about it, college is the most stressful time in a person's life. Most college students are lucky if they get five hours of sleep. They are in a constant ball of stress. It is overwhelming being a full-time student. Some students are full-time and with a full-time job. On top of that, we don't know whats happening behind the scenes with their personal lives.

Now, I am not making excuses, but sometimes a get away would be nice. Some people paint, others have cooking/baking, or even a form of exercise to get away. Then there are those who prefer to just smoke; there is nothing wrong with that. Maybe the judgement and critism some get will ease off especially now since its been legalized. Recongize that it is a normality now a days, wether you agree or not. Times are changing and you dont want to get stuck in the past.

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