A College-Aged Partier Spills The Tea On The Frats

Fraternities and Sororities are meant to build bonds and create new friendships along the way. But when there are multiple guys stuffed into a house there is bound to be parties. Even though there are rules and regulations, these parties can sometimes still get out of hand. Frats to ME are absolutely disgusting, but I am not targeting the main goal of frats, a certain brotherhood, or the brothers themselves. These are just my personal views that I have gained from my time at college.

*Names in this article are used for fun, not targeting anyone with these names.

They are disgusting.

Dirty basements with hundreds of drunk girls that can't walk straight? Spilling their drinks and passing out because of heat? No thanks.

Those poor pledges.

Nights after parties look like a tornado ripped through the whole house. Pledges are forced to go around and pick up every last cup, wrapper, etc. and make the house absolutely spotless. Why would I want to go somewhere where a 20-year-old can't throw something in the trash can himself? And the girls that just throw their Four Loko can on the ground, have your parents not taught you respect?

Some brothers trying to get girls as drunk as possible, no thank you.  

I went to the frats at the beginning of the year and saw some kid just forcing drinks into a girl's hand even though she didn't want them and would make her drink.

Mean. Girls.

The girls that think they are better than everyone else because Brad* or Chad* invited them and probably 60 other girls to this party tonight. That makes them think that they can elbow and push whoever they want out of the way to get to him. (insert eye roll)

Frat Brothers walking around with backpacks on.

Excuse me sir, but there is not enough room down here for people in the first place, let alone your backpack too! I get it, you just grabbed your ice cold Natty Light out of the mini fridge in your dorm and can't let the campus P.D. see you walking but come on dude.


The themes the brothers come up with for various parties are ridiculous. It's basically, 'how many ways do you think Bethany* can style a black tube top?' Or 'dude lets throw a Playboy party to see all the girls dress up as bunnies'. Like ew.

You can smell the parents money from miles away.

Not all frat brothers have the privilege of their parents paying dues for them, however, you can definitely tell when they do. Frat brothers that spend hundreds of dollars on Natty Light and Skol vodka to pass around the parties are a common occurrence at some frats more than others.

Again, I am not targeting all frat brothers, a certain frat, or the goal of frats themselves, however, this is what I have experienced as a college-aged partier.

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