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10 Things My Mom Told Me That Help Me Get Through Each Day

Hang around me for a while, you might learn a few things.

10 Things My Mom Told Me That Help Me Get Through Each Day

Whether it's something as small as a text asking for a video on how to fold a fitted sheet or something as big as a 10 minute lecture (and a "pick-me-up") about how one bad chemistry test will not actually be the end of the world, I can truly say that my mom and I have grown closer through distance.

My mom and I, whether or not I want to admit it, are very similar: type A personalities, headstrong, perceptive, control freaks, perfectionists, you name it. Thus meaning, we have had our fair share of head-butting moments. However, there is not a single person in this world who is more quick-witted, more beautiful, more caring, and more dependable than the woman that brought me into this world. With that being said, she always told me growing up, "I brought you into this world and I can take you out!" So, yeah, all five feet of her still intimidates me a little bit.

There are not enough words in the English language to describe my gratitude for this lady. It is also really hard to show that gratitude to someone who deserves an island, but I can only afford a candle (and scented candles make her sneeze). I just know that God knew what he was doing when he made her my mom and I can only hope to be as good as her one day.

Dear Mom,

Thanks for all you taught me: big and small. I love you forever.

"Pretty is as pretty does"


She quotes her grandmother when she says, "If you act half as good as you look, you'll be just fine." My mom has never been the type to worry about materialistic things; she values kindness and instilled in my siblings and I the importance of kindness. Although I am not always a prime example of the product of her raising, I can honestly say that she has been the best role model for this. I think that this lesson is a valid one that runs further than my childhood.

"No mountain for a climber"

stessed out

Eleven times out ten, when I am feeling stressed out, I tell my mom about it. She is my biggest fan and encourages me to "keep on keeping on." She encourages me to roll with the punches and just stick it out. When I was younger and wanted to quit anything (sport, extracurricular, etc.), she never allowed me to stop halfway through; if I didn't like it *that* much, I didn't have to do it again next go around. But, I always had to finish out the season or the year and just keep going. Now that I am in college, taking rigorous courses, she advocates me to stick it out again and not escaping for the easy way out. She knows that if I make an impulse decision that leads to a changed major, I would regret it tremendously.

I'm really happy she didn't let me quit soccer when I was eight because I ended up playing (and loving) that sport for many years after.

"You don't have to like them, but you will respect them."


She is a lot better than me at this because I have a very hard time not showing my emotions with my facial expressions and my tone of voice. Respect was something she expected and freely returned. Politicians, classmates, teachers, and people in general: my mom does not care whether or not I liked them- I still must respect them.

"Did you write them a "Thank You" card?"


All twenty-something girls at my birthday parties received a handwritten thank you card from me. Through tears and complaining, they were completed, signed, sealed, addressed, and delivered. This quality is still instilled in me today because I value the importance of showing appreciation to people, and not just because I have to.

"Ask your Dad"


Although this is a little annoying, it goes to show that a second opinion is sometimes necessary...even when it's something as nonchalant as, "Mom can I go to *insert friend that I have known for fifteen plus year* house.

"You need to put some lipstick on."

put on lipstick

Yes, this was one of our arguments when I was in high school. My mother is a firm believer that a face of makeup (or just in general) is not complete without some color on your lips... even when you have soccer pictures right before a big game apparently. Although I go without it most of the time, she is always rocking the red lipstick.

Sewing kit, iron, hair dryer holder, first aid kits, oh my


When packing up for college, I guess her mindset for me was "it's better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it." Half the things I didn't think I would need, I use almost on a daily basis. Something that's hard to swallow: moms do just know.

"Pray about it"


Pray about that test, pray about that person, pray about your drive home, and everything in between. One thing I know for certain is my mom is always praying for me and that sense of assurance goes miles.

"Dry it up"


This was something she would always say when my siblings and I were throwing tantrums at a young age. If the tantrums persisted, of course, she would ensure us that she would "give [us] something to cry about." Although it sounds a little harsh, it has taught me to be physically and mentally tougher. There are a time and place for everything, even emotions, but being strong (or not throwing a tantrum) is something to keep in mind throughout difficult situations.

"I love you more"

i love you

I am blessed enough to know and say that I never have and never will doubt the love my mom has for me. To this day, she tells me how proud she is and how much she loves me. Letting people know those little things is a sign of positivity that I think every person needs.

If motherhood was a competition, she won first place a very long time ago.

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