A Collection Of Original Poems
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A Collection Of Original Poems

Original Poems by Chloe Gunn

A Collection Of Original Poems



Pushed, pulled and controlled

As they saw and heard, they ignored

Silence persists

Grabbed, gawked, and groped

Silence remains


The escape is difficult due to their silence

The thought of delusion is apparent


Healing will only be possible if their silence is broken


Poised or poisoned life?

Ensured success or depleted passion?

Content or settled for safe?

What is life without passionate mistakes

Impulsive decisions

Or risky choices

Living or living to die?


New relations begin

Happiness proceeds and first experiences positively overwhelm

He makes you happy

You wonder how you found a man like him

Then you find out

Subtle disrespect every long encounter

Your passions have no place in his relationship

You become limited to his conversations, desires and interests

You wonder if you deserve a boy like him

Then you find out…


Friendship built on operation and politics leads to conniving

Your attempt was quite humorous as you could not separate yourself from your endeavors causing the depletion of an uncreative plan

Failed schemes lead to conspiring efforts

Your collection of negative remarks made you feel powerful, but no one respects those who use gossip to feel something

Minuscule attempts lead to the desire for a faster negative impact

Your hatred is fueled as you begin to realize your pathetic effort

Slander leads to the ultimate effect, destruction of reputation

You are completely saturated with overrated ideas of yourself that you have confused your own downfall with mine

A dismantled reputation does not lead to emotional ruins as your idea of devastation is different from mine

This period of my life finally ends and a culmination of reflections are fused into the idea that there are a multitude of leaders in this world that will infest the minds of others in order to spread their hatred, parade their false power, and construct illogical solutions.

You were quite the leader

Are You Sure?

I have fully mastered the art of deception

My stupidity overwhelms at first

They aren’t as smart as they think, that is what makes them vulnerable

The first step to getting what I want is creating confusion and chaos

When confrontation emerges, confusion becomes my weapon

The unoriginal person will not confront me twice about the same topic

My plan of attack must be clever and silent

I take the opportunity to execute what must be done


They will never suspect a stupid girl like me

The end.

They Can’t Tell

As my bones emerge from my sickly chest

They can’t tell

My legs and arms shake from exhaustion and fear

They can’t tell

My eyes glaze over as I try my best, but I can no longer perform

They think I have given up

What a shame, they say

What a waste of talent

As I fall into a relaxing state of nonexistence

Those around me watch in horror

They can tell

They do not care

Raw Emotions

Disrespect prompts ill behavior

Crazy, dramatic and delusional

Inconsiderate actions prompt impulsive behavior

Unbalanced, liar and insane


Reflection, forgiving company, and compassionate friends heal internal wounds

Forgetting is not always that simple

Dark speckles from the past surface in the future

Light speckles appear, too

Life is not simply about making positive memories

In order to grow, one must endure their own form of assault, abuse, control, passion, leaders, deception, and pure emotions.

My alternative perception of the world is the most beautiful gift I will ever receive.

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