27 Vines That We, Like Colin Kroll, Will Never Forget

Colin Kroll, the co-founder of Vine and founder of HQ Trivia, was found dead in his apartment on Sunday, December 16, 2018. Vine was a big part of my middle school memories, and I still watch and quote vines probably more than I should. In honor of Kroll, let's take a look back at the best vines, shall we?

"They call me Juan..." 

"I had a grat tim..."

"I will always love you" 

"I love Halloween"

"I get complemented all the time."

"Mac and cheese"

"Chipotle is my life"

"Get out me car"

"Crack Kid"

"Look at all those chickens"

"Chicken Wing" 

"I could've dropped my croissant" 

"I want to be famous."

"That hurt like a butt cheek on a stick."


"Am I a Omen?"

"They are my crocs"

"I have a basketball game tomorrow."

"Hurricane Tortilla"

"Merry Chrysler" 

"I never went to oovoo javer"

"A burnt chicken nugget."

"Do you wanna go see Uncle Cracker or no?"

"Fre Sh A Voca Do"

"Release all of those sounds trapped in your mind"

"Blocking out the haters."

"And they were roommates."

May the memory of Vine always live on and bring laughs at any moment of the day.

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