Cole and Savannah LaBrant

Cole and Savannah LaBrant are best known for their successful love story on YouTube.

In their newest book, "Our Surprising Love Story" Cole and Savannah take readers behind the scenes of their social media success and lets readers into their life from their first meeting to their now marriage.

If you don't already know about their love story, Cole and Savannah kind of met online.

They were both already kind of "famous" because of their followings on and Instagram. Cole reached out to Sav, but he says he never got a response (when Sav says she DEFINITELY responded). When Cole was in LA with his friend, he actually saw Sav & Everleigh at a mall. Cole instantly recognized both Savannah and Everleigh and Savannah recognized Cole and that's where it all began.

While Savannah lived in California and Cole lived in Alabama, they had more than just a few miles between them (about 2,000 to be exact). Although they were lucky enough to be able to see each other often (which they acknowledged), they went through the same struggles as every long distance couple.

When you're in a long distance relationship (like myself), you know that it's not easy to not be able to see your partner for any amount of time, whether that be a day, two days, two months, two years, etc.

You usually see them more on a FaceTime screen than you do in person and it's hard and Cole and Savannah touched base so perfectly on that. Both Cole and Savannah talked about how the majority of their days was texting, calling, and Facetiming. And when they weren't doing any of those things, they were thinking about the other person and waiting to be able to talk to them and that's EXACTLY what a long distance relationship is, especially if you're in different time zones.

The funny thing is that Cole said his major should've been Savannah because she's all he could think about.

In any long distance relationship, you will have doubts.

You'll wonder if your relationship will beat the statistics and actually succeed. In some LDRs, you'll also have those people in your life who doubt your relationship and tell you that it won't ever work because "how can you love someone who lives so far away?"

Cole and Savannah both acknowledged that they knew they were going to have to be long distance (at least for a little bit) if they wanted a relationship. And while nobody really wants to be in a long distance relationship, Cole and Savannah are a prime example of making it all work.

Though Cole and Savannah would see each other about every 2 weeks, they often discussed how they would "close the distance" and they ultimately decided they didn't want to wait very long so Cole packed up his bags (not before picking out an engagement ring for Savannah) and made the move to California to be with Savannah and Everleigh full-time, only to get engaged soon after.

Both Cole and Savannah knew that they wanted to be with each other forever. They found what they were looking for in a person in each other and a 2,000-mile distance didn't stop that.

They both recognized that a long distance relationship is a LOT of work.

They recognized that the tears of leaving each other and the aches of missing each other ended up being completely worth it.

Cole and Savannah went from meeting on social media to randomly meeting up in person to agreeing to a long distance relationship to talking every single day, practically 24/7, to moving to be together and get married and if that's not a happily ever after, I don't know what is.

"Our Surprising Love Story" by Cole and Savannah LaBrant is out now and it's a must-read. To purchase your very own copy, click here. If you haven't already fallen in love with them, I guarantee that you will after reading.

Here's to Cole and Savannah: living proof that long distance relationships are hard, but they're worth it and they DO work.

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