Cold Feet

Cold Feet


So cold,the bare is still calming,

shivering under the veil of purity,

Cleanse me.

I wish to be,

The rain.

heavy but free,

I wish to be,

full as oceans and light as feathers.

The daunting lies of truth,

wasting me, wasting time.

always wasting my mind.

To those who forgot or forgotten me,

I haven't forgotten you.

I float far away with the tide.

To be a song that is coming,

A song that never ends.

For the dawn will come,

and the sun will shine once again,

divine with all its colors.

I'll sing with birds, Clear in the sky

Breaking the silence of outside.

to be free.

Why should I care? what you think of me,

who am i to you?

a girl, another lover, another stranger,

Just like friends, friends like strangers, strangers meet friends.

Maybe this is what we all forget, and set to be.

Free from wait of torture and fear of anxiety.

one with each other, one with him, all within her.

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