After a week full of stressful obligations, coffee becomes your only friend. However, it might be nearing an unhealthy relationship- almost abusive.

You need it in order to stay awake

It becomes impossible for you to keep your eyes open during lecture when you do not drink coffee. ☕️ Coffee is your life line during classes. It becomes so hard to not fall asleep during a lecture, and you for sure need it for your 3 hour lectures where the professor is DRY. If you have morning classes, you need coffee. If you have night classes, you need coffee. It becomes a habit, and the only reason you can function.

You become extremely jittery with or without coffee

Coffee gives you jitters. It is so common that every heavy coffee addict feels the effects of their double shots of expresso. Although it gives you an extra boost, consuming so much caffeine probably isn't the best for your nerves. And, with coffee, it causes you to be extremely hyper and fidgety. You legit cannot keep still.

You feel less of a person 

Honestly, without coffee, I cannot even feel whole. I feel lethargic, and there is a missing part of myself. I feel like I cannot socialize or want to socialize as well without coffee. I feel like it helps me stay sharp and connect instead of my normal lax and sleep self.

You swear the amount of coffee you are consuming will shorten your lifespan

Anything in moderation is supposedly "healthy". However, when it comes to being a coffee fiend, there is no moderation and the amount you are consuming is high key startling. Nevertheless, each time you drink coffee, and get used to the caffeine amount, you need more. And, soon, you are consuming a large quantity to get your daily fix. Remember that caffeine is a drug too.

You go out of your way to obtain coffee

If you are planning between classes, you know where the nearest coffee places are located. You hit them up, and you calculate your eta between walks and to buildings. It is also really helpful to know where the coffee places are. You are willing to run to get to your location if it means you can grab that extra cup of coffee.

You will pay for coffee more than any other food item

If you are on a budget and cannot pay for things, you will make your budget work for coffee. Although you might want to get take out or bubble tea, you save it for coffee because you know you will need it. You have meal swipes so use them for food. But, good coffee is good coffee, and sometimes you have to pay.

You will consider buying expensive Starbucks in order to get your fix

Even though Starbucks is expensive, you are willing to pay that extra dollar. And, then you realize, dollars add up.