Cody Cover Spreads and his Climb to the Top

Cody Cover Spreads and his Climb to the Top


From $1,000 to $1,000,000 in one of the most consistent winning streaks known to betting and investing, Cody has changed the game for competitive sports betting with his proven to win algorithm and investment strategy. By helping his clients and pupils, Cody uses his patented Systems Pay Bank Roll Strategy, to hedge bets and make huge returns. Through this he teaches how to use discipline and statistical analysis to manipulate his odds historically better than any investor or company, generating multiple, consistent winning bets every day. Through his company, Let's Talk Sports LLC, he brings wealth and happiness to thousands of people around the world every day. By putting in time to perfect his discipline and develop a program more than 20,000 people use today, Cody has been able to start a successful business and become a multimillionaire by the age of 23. Many refer to him as a young Dan Bilzerian in the making, and even more refer to him as their mentor and teacher.

Since the age of 3 he has been passionate about sports and began playing baseball for his town little league. It was his dream to pursue a career in baseball, when a career ending injury at 16 turned him to his second passion, math. In 2013, Cody began going to The University of Arizona where he began studying quantitative analysis and statistics. Although he could not play competitive sports anymore, he knew he wanted to materialize a career in which he could combine his two passions. While still attending classes, he began to use the technical skills he was gaining in college with his passion for sports by researching statistics from each sport to begin developing an algorithm that tilted the odds for sports betting in his favor. After figuring out a formula that generates odds 52/48 over the Las Vegas sports books, Cody began posting his tickets and winnings on his Instagram account which started gaining attention from people all over the country. In 2016 he turned 21 and began investing more time and resources in betting in the sports arenas, while documenting his bets and winnings. This soon attracted the attention of a third party sports betting website where he was entered in a competition against the most profitable strategists around the world. After having success, at the age of 22 he was invited to a Radio and TV Talk show to discuss his success and how he uses it to fuel his company. Shortly after he flew to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Within the first week of being there Cody turned $50,000 into $250,000 which gained him wide notoriety with the people in the sports books at the MGM Hotel & Casino, and that very weekend he had clients asking him on his strategy and advice so they too could have as much success as him. Shortly after he was getting 50-100 texts a day asking for his consulting on sports investment strategies in which he began charging for his time. This positioned him to leave college behind and pursue his dreams and grow his passion into a successful business. Today Cody has over 20,000 paying clients with more than 10% making over six figures.

Many individuals who aim to have success in the same industry as Cody end up short due to a lack of discipline. Cody offers guidance to these young investors to teach them how to stay strong minded and use his successful investment strategy if they are strung on a losing streak. Cody has consulted many famous and successful people such as; Bob Menery, Benjamin Kickz, Chad Tepper, Kristen Handby , LeekJack, and many more.

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If You Have A Project You Want To Grow, Crowdfunding May Be The Answer

The benefits of the crowdfunding phenomenon.


The idea of crowdfunding is exciting, isn't it? A small town poet can use a platform like GoFundMe or Patreon to sell their work directly to those who are looking for it. A community organizer can not only raise funds for an upcoming event, but they can also keep the funds coming in to raise money for the monthly expenses of running their group. A magazine editor can keep their readership engaged through multimedia as well as tangible perks in exchange for tiers of subscription costs.

Crowdfunding makes it so people can combine multiple engagement styles directly with target audiences for a common cause.

What really makes crowdfunding satisfying is getting monetary confirmation that what one is passionate about is supported. Money rules a lot of the world, and receiving money for creating or providing something for others is extremely fulfilling. Different than just going to work and earning a paycheck. Jobs employ workers to create or provide something that has already had a template of origination.

Crowdfunding is running one's own business of creation or providing goods without a bunch of the red tape. In fact, one could say that crowdfunding has allowed sites like Etsy to flourish. One can now make a pretty decent profit just making pins, Mickey ears, necklaces — whatever one can imagine — and get it directly in eyes of those interested. There's nothing to lose in crowdfunding, just the hour or so it may or may not take to set up the site.

Crowdfunding can also be used for temporary things like school funds, funeral funds, and recovery efforts. Need $10,000 to get through a semester at college? Have a sudden death in the family and need $5,000 to pay closing costs and unexpected expenses? Major world disaster like a hurricane or tsunami destroy an entire majorly populated area? GoFundMe is your answer. You'll most likely get twice as much funds then the goal you set.

There's now many crowdfunding sites out there. Outside of GoFundMe, the three biggies are Patreon, Indiegogo, and Kickstarter. So take your pick, make your page, and get some money!

And just in case you're wondering, yes I do have crowdfunding efforts out there for my projects! One for my personal writings, and one for my magazine.

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