Why Cockapoos Are The Best Dog Ever, According To Science
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Why It's Scientifically Proven That Cockapoos Are The Best Kind Of Dogs

Cockapoos are 15-25 pounds of PURE LOVE.

Why It's Scientifically Proven That Cockapoos Are The Best Kind Of Dogs
Kristen Rumon

Cockapoos are becoming an increasingly popular dog breed and for good reason. This breed is typically a mix of a Miniature Poodle and a Cocker Spaniel. These curly-haired dogs are sure to win your heart over! Don't believe me? Check out all of the reasons why Cockapoos are the best pets EVER.

1. Cockapoos do not shed.

Kristen Rumon

Cockapoos don't shed almost at all, so they must have haircuts on occasion (typically two times a year). It is well worth not having to vacuum your house multiple times a day to get rid of dog hair!

2. Cockapoos aren't afraid to get in the water.

Kristen Rumon

Obviously this excludes bathtime, because who wants to be clean anyway? But they sure love to run in ponds or lakes and cool off in the summer!

3. Cockapoos are the perfect-sized lap dog.

Kristen Rumon

Not too small, not too big. Most Cockapoos tend to be between 15-25 pounds of pure love.

4. Cockapoos do not need to be brushed on a daily basis.

Kristen Rumon

No shedding hair... no need to brush them, so long as their hair is not at a length that gets tangled easily .

5. Cockapoos are fast learners.

My 13-year-old Cockapoos are both still able to learn new tricks. They've both been trained to roll-over, sit, lay down, "speak", and jump through someone's arms. Not only are they super trainable, but Cockapoos are also sneaky and can learn how to open doors or cabinets to retrieve something they want!

6. Cockapoos are very loyal to their owners.

Kristen Rumon

Like most dogs, Cockapoos are a very loyal breed!

7. Cockapoos come in all shapes and sizes.

Kristen Rumon

Thick, thin, different fur colors including white, black, chestnut, and many other variations!

8. Cockapoos tend to be fairly laid back.

Kristen Rumon

Some dogs are constantly moving and wanting to play, but Cockapoos tend to have a calmer demeanor. For example, one of my Cockapoos will play with toys, and the other wants nothing to do with them.

9. Cockapoos aren't so small that you'll step on them every two seconds.

Kristen Rumon

You have to admit, small dogs are a tripping hazard. At least most Cockapoos are large enough to see when they are at your feet.

10. Cockapoos look cute in any outfit they wear.

Kristen Rumon

This is just a bonus, they just look so darn cute if you put them in a sweater for the holidays!

11. Cockapoos have unique personalities.

Kristen Rumon

Though many Cockapoos share common characteristics, if you've met one Cockapoo, you've only met one Cockapoo.

12. Cockapoos are total cuddle-bugs.

Kristen Rumon

These are the cuddlers you've always dreamed of!

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