Clown Sighting Epidemic Continues

In recent news, there is what is being called a “Clown Epidemic,” sweeping across the United States. People have been dressed up as clowns walking around freaking people out. I live in Salem, MA and to be honest I’m surprised this movement didn’t begin here. I mean the Salem Witch Trials which spread mass hysteria back in the late 1600’s began here. Now these clowns are out here holding their balloons and “Free Hug,” signs. Excuse me sir, I don’t think anyone wants one of your “Free Hugs.”

A video of a clown in Agawam, Massachusetts surfaced featuring one of the many creepy clowns appearing around the United States (that's the clown above). That’s in the opposite end of the state and that’s close enough pal. I am not the biggest person when it comes to fear and horror related topics, I have a certain tolerance for it. Although, these other clowns are tapping on people's’ windows at night, luring children into the woods with candy, a fatal stabbing of a teenager and even death threats. A woman in Reading, Ohio was attacked by a clown which prompted school officials to cancel classes for the day.

This is just disturbing now. What began as some creepy fun has transformed into an actual fear for the public. People are being affected by this, and it is turning into something else completely. I mean I can see where this can be completely harmless and somewhat humorous. Although, the sick people of the world see this and may take advantage of the ongoing incidents for their own personal gain. Extra warnings and precautions are being spread in the light of the Halloween season and upcoming Trick-or-Treating.

When I think of creepy clowns tormenting communities, all I can picture is Twisty the Clown from season six of American Horror Story: Freak Show appearing out of the blue. Not the most inviting sight.

Everyone has their own opinions with this clown craze going on right now. Some say not to fear, while others are prepared to take action. If the situation is truly unsafe, call the police. Don't take matters into your own hands to escalate a possible situation. For now, beware of the ongoing "Clown Sightings."

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