Not here.

She takes my hand

and pulls me

into the shadows.

Please don’t

look at me like that.

She puts her arms

around my neck

and kisses me again.

You know

I would.

She runs

fingers over

my ears.

But you

know I can’t.

She puts

a cold hand

on my chest.

Where are

you going?

She grabs

my arm and

pulls me back.

Please, stay

with me.

She kisses

my hand and presses it

against her cheek.

You can’t

do this again?

Her brow

knits and

she bites her lip.

You want to

break up?

A tear escapes

her eye and falls

on our hands.

Fine. If that’s

what you want.

She pushes herself

back into

the shadows.

Being a dyke

was just a phase anyway.

I turned

and walked away.

Never to return.