My parents raised and supported me. My grandparents spoiled me. My great grandparents babysat me. My cousins were like siblings to me. My actual siblings were the best (but occasionally annoying) boys that entered my life. My aunts and uncles cheered me on.

As long as I can remember, our family has always been there for each other. Every single one of them. Several of my family members live next door to us, while a few live 30-45 minutes away. We do have some family members that live in other states, but the distance doesn't affect any of those relationships. No matter where they live, they still send birthday cards and make pretty frequent visits.

We make the tiniest of holidays into family events. Even some random Saturday nights are made into family get-togethers. We have pool parties in the summer and bonfires during the winter. I don't have to see all of them all of the time to maintain the close relationship we have with one another. They're family.

I go to school three hours away from my family, but I still talk to my parents and my siblings regularly. On weekends or holidays that I go home, I try to visit as many other family members as I can.

Most college students are going crazy because they aren't under the constant watch of their parents. Me? I'm very close with my family and I'll be the first to admit it. My parents are the reason I'm here so I owe it to them to tell them I'm going on a road trip or I'm home safe. Though we would never admit it to each other, my brothers and I care about each other and what's going on so we'll call or text about events that happen at school, my job or their sports. I visit my cousins and aunts/uncles whenever I go home if I can. They ask me how school is going and check up on me. My grandparents and great-grandparents all say the same thing, "you better come visit your grandpa/grandma when you come home.

Maybe we're crazy, maybe we're not, but these days it's so underrated to be close to everyone in your family.

It's like it's not "cool" anymore. Maybe it's because the houses surrounding mine are family members, or maybe we're just not normal. Who knows! I appreciate every single family member and everything we all do for each other. It may be underrated these days, but my family is my family.