100 Of The Best Moments From My Favorite Disney Movies

Disney movies are a staple of any childhood. You can’t really grow up without having Disney in your life, in one form or another. They are the types of movies that can make you laugh, cry, and smile in just one hour or more. That is a feat most movies in general can’t really accomplish. No matter how old you get, they still remain a constant in your life and your heart. Some of the most memorable cry-worthy and smile-worthy moments of Disney have already been listed under “Heartwarming” and “TearJerker” on TVtropes. And some are memorable in my mind.


1. When Cinderella’s animal friends rescue her from being locked in the attic.

2. When the Duke stands up for Cinderella and lets her try on the slipper even though her stepfamily tries to talk him out of it.

3. Cinderella helping Gus get out of his cage and dressing him, inviting him to be a part of the little mouse circle.

4. The mice and birds working to help make Cinderella’s dress after her chores have taken up her time (and considering they’re only animals).

5. Cinderella giving Gus more corn after the chickens almost trample him.

6. Snow White’s affection towards the seven dwarfs.

7. Likewise, the dwarfs’ kindness towards Snow White (even Grumpy).

8. Snow White making a pie for Grumpy even though he’s bitter towards her.

9. Doc comforting Dopey during Snow White’s funeral.

10. King Triton giving his approval to Eric, even if he didn't like humans at first.

11. Sebastian singing “Kiss the Girl” to Eric and Ariel after originally opposing Ariel’s dream of being a human.

12. The Beast sparing Gaston even though he led a mob to storm his castle to kill the Beast.

13. The Beast showing Belle his library.

14. Belle’s relationship with her father Maurice.

15. The Beast saving Belle from the wolves even after he yells at her and Belle mending his wound and thanking him.

16. The scene where the Beast lets Belle go, knowing she may not come back.

18. Their last dance.

19. Aladdin and Genie's friendship.

20. This scene.

21. Aladdin setting Genie free.

22. The Sultan changing the law so Jasmine can marry Aladdin.

23. Jasmine choosing Aladdin.

24. Aladdin giving two children his piece of bread.

25. Mulan going into battle in place of her father.

26. The end scene between Mulan and her father.

27. Any scene with Mushu.

28. This scene from Tarzan.

29. Tarzan’s relationship with his gorilla mother.

30. Jane staying with Tarzan in the end.

31. Tarzan saving his gorilla pack from Sabor and killing him.

32. Lilo choosing to adopt Stitch even when there are much other...normal dogs.

33. Stitch’s ending quote.

34. Nani’s devotion to Lilo having to raise her all by herself after their parents’ deaths.

35. Lilo and Stitch’s friendship.

36. Wreck-it Ralph’s friendship with Vanellope.

37. Felix’s friendship with Ralph even when all the others hate him.

38. Elsa and Anna’s beginning scene.

39. Family love saved the day and not romantic love.

40. Any scene with Olaf.

41. Anna and Kristoff’s relationship.

42. Woody’s rescue mission for Buzz.

43. Buzz’s rescue mission for Woody in the sequel.

44. Woody and Buzz’s friendship.

45. The final scene from the third Toy Story.

46. Andy putting Woody in his college box.

47. Sulley and Boo’s friendship.

48. Sulley and Mike’s friendship.

49. Riley as a baby.

50. Inside Out in general.


1. Cinderella's stepsisters ruining her dress.

2. Cinderella’s stepmother locking her in the attic.

3. Cinderella’s treatment in general from her stepfamily.

4. Snow White’s death.

5. Triton destroying Ariel’s grotto.

6. Triton sacrificing himself for his daughter.

7. Ariel’s reaction to Eric and Vanessa.

8. Belle separating from her father.

9. Beast letting the mob attack his castle and surrendering when Gaston is ready to shoot him.

10. The Beast’s death.

11. Genie’s desire for freedom.

12. This reprise.

13. Mulan’s family after they discover she ran off.

14. The Matchmaker’s attitude towards Mulan.

15. This whole song.

16. When Mulan’s gender is revealed.

17. When Shang finds out his father was killed.

18. The beginning of Tarzan.



21. Lilo's rejection from the other girls.

22. Stitch’s Ugly Duckling obsession.

23. This scene between Lilo and Nani.

24. This scene from the sequel.

25. “Ohana.”

26. “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?”

27. “Let it Go.”

28. Hans’ betrayal!

29. Vanellope’s isolation from the other racers.

30. Ralph’s isolation from his game.

31. Ralph destroying Vanellope’s cart.

32. The battle scene when Vanellope can’t get out of the game.

33. When Buzz learns that he is actually a toy and breaks his arm when he tries to fly.

34. Woody’s slow transition of not being the favorite toy anymore.

35. Jessie’s backstory and the song that went with it.

36. Woody getting stolen at the yard sale.

37. The scene in the incinerator.

38. Buzz saving Jessie out of harm’s way before a TV falls on him.

39. The ending scene.

40. The beginning scene.

41. Boo’s face after Sulley scares her.

42. Sulley and Mike being banished.

43. Sulley and Boo saying goodbye.

44. The opening scene of Up.

45. The opening scene to Finding Nemo when Coral and almost all of her and Marlin’s other children were killed, except one.

46. When Nemo and Marlin get separated.

47. Bob listening to his family on the plane being chased.


49. Sadness’....sadness.

50. This moment.

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