I Spoke To A Class of 2020 Senior From Oklahoma State, And Graduating In A Pandemic Gives A Lot Of Mixed Feelings
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I Spoke To A Class of 2020 Senior From Oklahoma State, And Graduating In A Pandemic Gives A Lot Of Mixed Feelings

Graduating from the comfort of your bedroom really hits different.

I Spoke To A Class of 2020 Senior From Oklahoma State, And Graduating In A Pandemic Gives A Lot Of Mixed Feelings
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My boyfriend, Jacob, just graduated from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, with a major in MSIS and double minor in Data Science and Information Assurance... from the comfort of his bedroom, sweatpants and all.

Afterward, he immediately started playing video games with his friends, all of them hardly mentioning the fact that they were all now officially college graduates. After growing up in Stillwater, Oklahoma for his entire life, attending OSU was only natural. Now, his last big event in Stillwater was over in a single click and felt like any other Thursday afternoon.

What has it been like spending your last semester under quarantine amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic?

While it was nice to have extra time to study, it was very hard to not be able to spend time with my friends and family during my last months in town before I moved away. Overall, I would say that it was a fairly difficult time.

Of all the things you missed out on because of quarantine, what has been the hardest to accept?

Not being able to see my friends, girlfriend, and family. It's been incredibly difficult to not be able to spend time with any of them while I was still in close distance to them.

 What has been a silver lining?

Lots of time to spend on my hobbies has been really nice. Also, having lots of time to do self-reflection has been good for my mental health.

What have you done to make up for some of the graduation traditions you aren't able to do?

Honestly nothing. My parents and I went out for dinner but that's about it.

What are your next steps, and have they been impacted by the coronavirus?

I have gotten a job since graduation and have been working from home. Outside of working from home, my plans have not been impacted.

 What is the worst thing someone can say to a Class of 2020 graduate?

A story about why their graduation was worse than ours.

What is one piece of advice you would love to give to the class of 2021?

Start working on and getting your resume' and cover letter done early. Having a good resume' and cover letter is a massive advantage when looking for a job.

What about the last few months do you think you'll remember most?

Learning how to do everything in my new house and at my new job in near solitude.

If you could tell your freshman year self anything, what would you say? 

Worry less about what others think about you and what you are doing. Everyone is too busy with their own thoughts and worries to notice the things you worry about

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