Class of 2016 Bachelorette Contestant Superlatives

This season of The Bachelorette is already turning out to be one of the most captivating seasons yet. With America following bachelorette JoJo Fletcher on her journey to find love, we have been able to see the very interesting group of guys she has been getting to know.

With all of the different personalities, we decided to compile a list of superlatives for some of the contestants as if they were still in high school:

Most Likely to Pose for a Mug Shot: Chad

Where do we even begin with Chad? At first we all kind of thought his craziness was simply a result of editing, but after last week's episode...nope. Not at all. The first red flag was when Daniel had to step in on the group date and be the voice of reason. Then, house security became prominent. Then, he had to get into arguments with Jordan and Alex, threatening Jordan to find him after the show. Okay, crazy, scary stalker status. Also, the show gave the teaser of him showing up to the house with the rest of the guys, after already being eliminated. Why can't he give it a break? I hope he genuinely isn't a sociopath and can grow out of it, but for now, catch him on the 10 o'clock news.

Most Likely to Save the World: Grant

He's a firefighter. That in itself should be enough, but he also was so determined to rescue JoJo on the group firefighter challenge, which we will admit gave him an unfair advance. Regardless, his muscles mixed with his sweet, confident charm makes him the person worthy of the "hero" title. Plus, Marissa also added, "He's so hot. He's my favorite."

Most Like to Be an Abercrombie Model: Alex

Oh, our pretty boy. The charming, yet short, Marine who is so attractive with his strikingly handsome dark features. His smile is too perfect, and so are his abs, so he makes the perfect fit to grace the modeling campaigns of Abercrombie & Fitch.

Most Likely to Live in Their Life in the Shadows: Jordan

There is always the little brother jock in every high school. You know, the one who's brother is the star, and he's well, stuck in the shadows? Well, when your brother is Aaron Rodgers, do you really have a choice? Poor Jordan.

Most Likely to Take a Bubble Bath During An Important Occassion: Christian

When the going gets tough, Christian gets going—to the bathtub. Who wouldn't want to take a quick breather in a delightfully romantic setting during a cocktail party?

Most Likely to Pick a Fight with Someone Twice Their Size: Evan

We always love a good underdog. Clearly Evan has always wanted to be a hero, and on this season of the Bachelorette, he saved the entire house from the big bad bully Chad many times. From taking a good shove, to having his shirt practically ripped off his back, Evan stands for the little guys everywhere. Though he be little, he is fierce.

Mr. Congeniality: Ali

He isn't quite good enough to win the pageant title, but we just love the cuteness of his personality. What a sweetie! Ali is definitely the most liked guy in the house.

Most Likely to Become an Internet Meme: Daniel

Damn, Daniel back at it again with the awkward moment. Daniel's first impression out of the limo referenced the viral "Damn Daniel" white Vans video. JoJo didn't understand it, making the moment incredibly awkward, especially when Daniel asked if she had been on the internet lately. Yikes. Well, you failed the reference, thus making yourself subject to becoming a meme too.

Mr. Sore Loser: Luke

It's a shame this hunky war vet found himself winning this superlative, but when you come in second place to a firefighter in a firefighter challenge, you really can't be that shocked. So why then, did he need to get so dramatic and act like he was actually going to win? Yeah, we rooted for the underdog, but let's be real: you can't beat The Hero.

Most Likely to Win the Participation Trophy: Wells

We've all gotten this award at least once in our life. In other words, it's the "Well, at least you tried" pity award. Wells gets this for outstanding participation in the fire obstacle course on the first date. Let's not fail to mention that he literally almost died.

Best to Take Home to Mama: Derek

I mean look at him. Whose mom wouldn't like him?! What makes Derek the best to take home to mama is that he is genuine and kind, but also hunky and charming. He goes with the flow and is respectful of JoJo and the guys in the house. He isn't afraid to stand up for what he believes in (i.e. feeling unsafe around Chad) and will defend his relationship. He is simple, down-to-earth, compassionate and we can drown in those piecing blue eyes.

Class Clown: James Taylor

James T. gets the award for class clown because he is always so goofy and always wearing a smile on his face. He isn't afraid to be a cheeseball and have a good time. It's refreshing to see someone who has such a care-free, laid back attitude, while also exposing his more romantic side at the same time.

Most Likely to Run with Wolves: Brandon

Now your imagination need to run with us on this one, but when your occupation is "hipster" or even "Free Spirit" like Lucy from Juan Pablo's season, then you're going to win a superlative that's just as in left field as you are.

From the hipster that is most likely to run with wolves, to the Man who is surely to save the world, it is no question that this is an extremely dynamic group. Although we have an interesting bunch here, you can't help but love this group of guys! Be sure to continue to watch just how much these guys live in to their superlatives for the rest of the season!

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