Hello Everyone,

As a Communications Major and a Health Studies Minor, I was proposed with an assignment that would have to do with civil engagement. I couldn't think of a better way to share my project with as many readers as I possibly can. My professor suggested that we write a letter or propose a stance on something controversial since the class is called Reproductive Rights. The topic I chose to talk about was Midwifery vs. Hospital Births. I am not a mother or in a rotation for nursing in the GYN department, so I hope that my views are just respected as mere speculation in terms of what I would love to do in the future. As this class progressed through the semester I came to the realization that nursing would be my ideal dream profession. However, I don't want to be a regular nurse I want to be a labor and delivery nurse. The movie Business Of Being Born made me realize that I would much rather deliver babies and advocate for women's rights. Since I work in a baby store, naturally I do hear conversations of mothers discussing a birth plan or rather how they gave birth. The combination of the movie and these conversations got me thinking. What is the difference between having a midwife and not having one?

I like the idea of being a midwife because I don't think that a labor should have drugs to further it on. I am specifically talking about Pitocin. Pitocin is a drug that makes your contractions become faster and closer together. Naturally that will put the fetus in distress because it is playing with mother nature. From the knowledge of the film, I heard a lot of doctors talk their patients into a C-section which was not part of their original plan. What struck me the most was how the doctors were using the health of the baby as a reason to intimidate the woman to have these unnecessary procedures. I do believe there are instances where Pitocin is a good tool to have but I personally believe that it is unnecessary if the fetus is doing fine. The movie also talked about how C-sections are more common now than ever before. I always wondered why? I get in extreme circumstances the need for it but overall why that over natural birth? Yes, I don't have kids so you probably all think that I'm rather crazy but it is a real question I have especially given my future profession.

Then I looked into Midwifery, did you know that they do carry medical instruments to help with procedures? Most people think a Midwife is associated with an almost barbarian approach. They do deliver babies in the person's house but also in birthing centers/hospitals. Natural birth is exactly what it sounds like, no drugs just pressure, focus and birth. Did you know that the ideal position to give birth is not on the women's back it is actually standing up or standing/kneeling down? I think the idea of a natural birth is a sentimental moment in a mother's life. I am not a mother but the way I see mothers talk about their child especially after birth makes me intrigued. You're probably wondering why I would bring up something like this. It is in no way supposed to persuade you but to rather make you think of what plan may be best for you. As a future nurse, my main focus is to focus on what is best for the baby and what is best for the mom. The women has rights in the way in which she is to give birth. I believe that all soon-to-be mothers take advantage of their time pregnant to talk to doctors, midwives and make sure that your birth plan is what is best for you and how to make changes if emergencies should rise. As a non-parent, I just feel that the choice behind birth should be the woman's choice and that if medical intervention is needed a decision should be made before that happens.

I hope that all mothers out there have something to benefit me on this journey to understanding my profession. I hope that all soon-to-be mothers take the time to really think of a birth plan and how they want things to go. I don't think that having a baby in a hospital is bad at all nor do I think that epidurals are bad at all. I don't think that having a baby at home or without an epidural is bad at all. My point for this whole engagement project is for women to do some research about their body and how they want it to be respected in the wonderful journey of giving birth.

Thank you,


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