Citizen Arrests Are Vigilante Groups
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Citizen Arrests Are Vigilante Groups

A fictional story of why citizens' arrests are wrong, and just as equal to vigilante groups.

Citizen Arrests Are Vigilante Groups

Side note: This plot nor its characters are real.

"John, take out the trash please!" the mom yelled.

"Yes mom!" he replied, then he picked up the trash.

"Mama, look at my picture I drew for my class tomorrow!"

"Wow Donna that looks nice!" the mother responded. She was happy because her daughter was close to finishing her year of kindergarten.

All seemed well at the moment until her son ran back into the house and locked the door.

"There are people outside!" John yelled as he opened and closed the door quickly.

"What?" his mother asked.

Then the door busted open, and a group of 15 men and women with guns came into the room; the family screamed.

"Sorry ma'am, we are here to get this boy; we believe that he was involved in a robbery that was committed last night" the lead member of the group said.

"No, I was hanging out at Jeremy's house last night!" John yelled.

"No, I saw him rob that house last night!" a woman yelled from the back of the group.

"Who said that?" the mother asked, but she was ignored.

Some of the men then tried to approach John, but then his mother stepped in front of them.

"Stay away from my child! If he says he wasn't there, he wasn't there! Leave before I call the cops!" she yelled.

"Ma'am, your son is Jake Browns, and we are performing a citizen's arrest." the lead group member said.

"No, my son's name is John! Not Jake! And you are breaking and entering into my home, threatening my family, and attempting to kidnap my son! No! This is not a citizen's arrest! Go back to where you came from!" the mother responded.

"Ma'am, we have reason to think that he robbed a house, and we want to take him to the police station!" the man said louder.

"Get out of my house! All of you! Or call the cops!" the mother yelled.

The same couple of men then pushed the mother out of the way, then grabbed John. As they started taking him away, the mother held onto John, which then caused one of the men to trip, and drop his gun, which accidently fired.

Donna dropped to the floor.

"Good evening this is WBC 8 News, I am Rachel Rosables, and our news story tonight. A group of Caucasian citizens broke into the home of the ____ family home here in _____. Sources say the group misidentified a young black man they thought had been part of robbing a house. When the group of people tried to take John away, a fight occurred, which led to a gun going off, killing one infant. Two men have been arrested, and the police are looking for witnesses" said the reporter.

"While it is believed that more people were involved in this incident, they have not been found nor will be charged" the reporter added.

For Further Reading:

Eliot McLaughlin "With armed white men harassing his mother, a black teen had to remember he might be a threat"


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