Concert Experiences: Circa Survive With Hail The Sun And Foxing at The Strand

Concert Experiences: Circa Survive With Hail The Sun And Foxing at The Strand

I got bopped in the head like five times, but it's the cost of going to a great show.

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On Friday, March 23rd, I saw Circa Survive live along with Hail The Sun and Foxing at The Strand in Providence. I was able to go with my boyfriend, and it was the second time seeing Circa Survive play on their Amulet tour. For this show, we bought VIP tickets that included a three-song acoustic session, a Q&A, a signed setlist, a pin, and general admission. This was the perfect group of bands: a little emo, a little screamo, very post-hardcore and indie rock, and just the most euphoric music built up in one show.

We waited in line, and made a new friend. When we were finally led in for the VIP session, I was trembling. It was my first time doing something like this. It was exceptionally cold, but then I sat on the floor, and I saw Anthony Green come in with the rest of Circa Survive, and I started to shiver. The bottom of my lip along with my chin were caught in an unstoppable shake. Why am I shaking? Why am I nervous? This is something I love and aspire to do one day. Music journalism is a dream.

I hear, “OK, let’s start,” and my hand immediately raises up. This is my one chance, and it’s not passing by without me getting a question. My boyfriend raised his hand too, and after a few questions, the staff member passing around the mic looks in my direction and nods. “You’re next,” she said as she moved her lips at me. I have my question in my head, and it's recorded and ready. The staff member walks over to me, and she hands the mic to me.

Q: "What would you recommend to local musicians and bands who are trying to get their name out there?"

Anthony Green: "I would say do it because you love it and not because you want fame from it. Keep working your hardest and loving what you do and you have a really good chance at making it."

When asking my question, I threw in the fact that I was also in a band, he was nice enough to promote my band’s name out to the crowd for more Instagram followers. Attending the VIP session really helped me realize that they’re just like us regardless of their fame. They were so humble and love what they’re doing. It was wonderful to receive such support from a band that's been around for years.

The concert after was beyond amazing. Between all the bands, something I loved what their connection with the audience. Hail The Sun opened the show and left us wanting more. They were just as great as hearing Donovan Melero screaming in my headphones; but better. I really wished their set was longer. I loved to get to see them play against Circa Survive since they are so similar yet different and unique in their own ways.

Foxing really surprised and impressed me because the crowd was singing every lyric. They really pumped the crowd. Especially when the lead vocalist brought out his trumpet. It was the most satisfying sound and made me question why I didn’t look into them more. They were the perfect set between both acts.

Last but not least, Circa Survive closed the show and had everyone pushing and crowd surfing. I’m pretty I got bopped in the head like five times, but it's the cost of going to a great show. I loved every single minute of this show, and I wouldn’t pass on a chance to see any of them live again. One of my favorite highlights of 2018!

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