Stop thigh chafing from ruining your summer!
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10 Ways To save your thighs and prevent chub rub this summer

Summer means sunshine and suffering when your inner thighs constantly rub together.

10 Ways To save your thighs and prevent chub rub this summer
Amelia Modes

Summer is a season most people look forward to each year. However, to me, summer means sweat, mosquito bites, the occasional sunburn, and the dreadful, persistent chub rub. For anyone who is lucky to not know what chub rub is, it is the combination of sweat and your thighs rubbing together that creates a general discomfort.

Symptoms of chub rub include rashes, itching, dry skin, acne, etc. Basically, wearing shorts, skirts, and dresses can suck. However, I still suffer through the inevitable every year because I want to look cute and be cool in my summer outfits. If you can relate to the burden of chub rub and your poor thighs need a break, looks no further than these 10 solutions.

1. Bandelettes

Bandelettes are a cute, comfy way to prevent your thighs from rubbing together. These lace bands slip right on your thighs, and all your work is done!

2. Spandex/Spanx

Spanx is not the most comfortable option out there, but it does help prevent chafing if you invest in a longer pair.

3. Slipshorts

Slipshorts are like spandex, but they were designed with chafing in mind. These pants were made to be put under other outfits and prevent chafing.

4. Diaper Rash Cream

For those of you who don't want to have another layer of clothing on, it might be good to invest in some diaper rash cream! Just slather some on periodically to prevent any pain.

5. Gold Bond

Gold Bond has this super handy friction defense stick, but their powder can be used to ease any chafing as well! Just make sure to keep some handy in case you need to reapply.

6. Deodorant

Any stick deodorant will do the trick for this, but it's probably helpful to stick with anti-perspirants to prevent any sweat as well. This isn't the best option, but it definitely comes in handy from time to time.

7. Baby Powder

Baby powder can be a good choice to soak up any sweat and prevent rubbing. However, you have to be careful because you run the risk of transferring to your clothes!

8. Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel

This product applies like gel, but dries into a powder on your skin. Apart from being some super cool chemistry to watch, it is also super relieving, but it may need to be reapplied throughout the day.

9. Anti-Chafe Balm

This handy little stick looks like a deodorant, but is made to prevent chafing! Apply it before, during, and after you plan on walking for ultimate comfort.

10. Fresh Balls

This product was made for men's groin, but it works on thighs as well! Put some on before going out, and you'll be dry and chafe-free!

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