It's Christmas Time

After Thanksgiving break, the semester gets closer and closer to ended, and it really feels like you haven't had a break for years. What could be better than seeing friends and family, decorating for the holiday, and good food? HOLIDAY MOVIES!! Here are some gifs that describe Christmas, told by two of my favorite movies.

1. Finally going home

2. Eating homemade, delicious food.

Eating around the holidays always means more food, after more food, and sometimes you can't stop eating, even the Christmas cookies could become a meal.

3. Spending seven consecutive days watching Netflix and someone asks you to hang out.

4. Thinking about seeing people you went to highschool with

5. Seeing all the little kids sitting on the fake Santa's lap at the mall

6. Realizing it's almost Christmas Eve . . . and being so excited because you just love Christmas.

7. Having to open presents you know you aren't going to like.

8. After being home for awhile, you start to miss your college life.

9. And now you have to wait another year . . .

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