2018 Christmas List

7 Things on My Christmas List This Year

This year has gone by so fast, and suddenly Christmas is around the corner.


This year has gone by so fast, and suddenly Christmas is around the corner.

My family has this tradition that every year, around this time, we make Christmas lists. A lot of my friends find it surprising that my family do this. Most people haven't written a Christmas list since they discovered Santa isn't real. However, it just makes Christmas shopping so much easier, while still keeping the surprise element because you don't know what you'll be getting off your list.

I'm pretty sure 2018's Christmas List is the best yet:

Fitbit Aria 2


This is a great gift for the fitness buff in your family. The Fitbit Aria 2 is a smart scale that calculates not only weight, but BMI, body fat %, and more. Just about anything you need to make sure you are committed to those 2019 resolutions!

Microsoft Surface Laptop


I've had my laptop since my junior year of high school, and I am now going into my senior year at college. Meaning, it's time for a change. I love PCs, and I have seen a lot of good reviews about the Microsoft Surface Pro as well as the laptop. Either would be a great gift for the college student in your life.

Med School Confidential


With my senior year basically around the corner, that means MCAT and medical school are also around the corner. Med School Confidential gives a lot of first person accounts and advice for incoming medical students. I've heard a lot of the advice presented in this book can be beneficial for premed students too!

Rapid Egg Cooker


I eat an unnatural amount of hard boiled eggs, so I don't think anybody would want this except me. This thing can hard boil six eggs at one time (rapidly!!!)! Even to an egg love like myself, six hard boiled eggs sounds like a lot, but I am so impatient. I can easily cook three eggs in this thing in 5 min. And if you like deviled eggs, this make the process so much easier!

Bath Bombs


Self love- that's all that needs to be said.

Petzi Treat Cam


Do you ever wish you could facetime your pet? I swear I get separation anxiety from my dog while I'm at work or class. This nifty gift allows your favorite pet lover to check in on their pets while their away, and it even allows you to give your pet treat!

Bamboo Bathtub Tray


My dream in life is to be able to live in a nice warm bath for the rest of my life. With this bathtub tray, and my array of bath bombs, I will never have to leave my bath!

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High School Summer Vs. College Summer

Summer isn't all fun and games anymore.

Summer: the most wonderful time of the year. School’s out, obligations are at an all-time low, and life is simple. The only problem - I’m not in high school anymore. This naïve cupcake phase of life is now over, thanks to you, college. Now, free time is a foreign concept to myself along with my peers; summer's not all fun and games as it was in previous years.

School’s out? Ha, you THOUGHT.

What time is it? Summer (school) time! When the final bell rang on the last day of high school, we all jumped for joy and anticipated summer’s freedom filled with the luxurious free time that displaces class time. When you finished your last final in college, you might as well buy class materials for your nearly approaching summer semester. Unlike the good old high school days, summer marks the start for even more time to incorporate school: particularly, summer school. Here lie students who are retaking failed courses and/or those who are behind on classes and need to get ahead. School’s out, scream and shout? You got it all wrong, High School Musical.

Time to intern!

Not only is summer “break” a good time to take some extra classes, but it’s also a perfect time to intern. That’s right, no sleeping in ‘til noon! Don’t forget to set those alarms because college students have to be up and running to gain work experience for their future careers. College students sometimes even endure these long days without any pay, but you gotta do what you gotta do to lock in a post-college job at that ideal company. High school students: props to you if you intern over the summer, I just see it more often among college kids.

Work, work, work.

I had a summer job in high school, but I didn’t work nearly as much as I do now as a college student. Summer is the optimal time to stack up on dollar bills in your savings account. You need money for those ridiculously pricey textbooks (opened quite less often than you’d think), groceries, housing, spending money, and other miscellaneous college expenses. Yeah, you can always work doing the school year, but juggling that along with classes, extracurricular activities, and an eventful social life can be pretty exhausting. Also, it can deter you from getting decent grades (which is why you're in college in the first place).

Vacation? More like no-cation.

Ah, do I miss those summers where I’d be at the beach for weeks on end. With summer classes, a job, and an internship, vacation is just time I no longer have. You can’t just request time off from class, internships, and work! Other (and more important) matters demand your time and effort. If you're lucky, a quick, cheap weekend getaway is you're best bet.

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You're Not Crazy, Your Seasonal Allergies ARE Worse Than They Normally Are

Between all of these symptoms, I've felt miserable the last week.


We've all been waiting for summer to come, and it's finally on its way. I started putting away my jackets and heavy clothes, and I'm so excited to take out my dresses and bathing suits. Classes are ending for students and we can start the beach trips on these warm, sunny days. What could possibly be wrong with summer coming?

If you have seasonal allergies, specifically to pollen and tree-related allergens, you may be in for a real problem.

In certain states, especially in the northern and eastern US areas, the pollen count is at drastically high levels. So much so that people with only minimal seasonal allergies are having intense reactions, and people who didn't even know they had allergies are having their first reactions.

I've only ever had an itchy nose when seasons change, and only when standing in the middle of lots of plants that would aggravate it. I never suspected my allergies would be making me so sick right now until my physician told me what's going on with this season's allergens.

Since the pollen levels are so dramatic in New York right now, I've had sinus congestion so bad it turned into sinusitis, and a sore throat so swollen and painful I swore it had to be strep. The sinusitis was giving me fevers, aches, and chills, making me feel like I had the flu — all of this traced back to allergies. Between all of these symptoms, I've felt miserable the last week.

Once I started asking around about what my doctor said, several people have told me they're having the same problem with their allergies now. If you're suspicious you may have allergies, get tested and ask your doctor's opinion. It's best to be well-informed on your medical issues so that you'll be prepared if a bad allergy season comes along (like this summer).

If you want to know what the pollen count looks like in your area, go to Pollen.com and allow access to your location — it'll show you a map of the states and their current pollen levels, as well as a specific analysis of the town you live.

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