The second Halloween is over, Christmas is immediately shoved down my throat. You know what I'm talking about. There's billboards for Christmas sales and the mall already has a Santa Claus by first week of November. If you celebrate the holidays, that's awesome and I'm happy for you. Just don't shove your Christmas cheer on me. I have a few personal reasons why I hate Christmas so much, some that might seem crazy but that's okay with me.

1. Working in retail, it's near impossible not to hate the holidays.

I've worked retail since I was 17. I had my first experience with Black Friday and holiday sales last year. That changes a person. I've first hand seen just how much the holidays bring out the worst in people. People have zero patience or self control over their anger. People treat others like garbage for their own selfish agendas. It's a trainwreck.

2. Christmas isn't an actual religious holiday.

Christmas isn't originated in the Bible. It's actually a pagan Roman festival that included Saturnalia in honor of Saturn, the god of agriculture. The only reason why people think it's a religious holiday in a Christian aspect is because Pope Julius I declared it to be Jesus' birthday in 350 AD. Seriously. It has nothing to do about our modern day Jesus.

3. Saturnalia, the original "Christmas", was actually horrifying.

Saturnalia, which lasted a week, was a horrifying event. It allowed people to disregard their moral compasses and allowed criminals to walk away unpunished. Here's the kicker: Since Saturnalia is a pagan & Celtic belief, they would sacrifice small children and infants as offerings to the gods in order to empower the sun to return with strength because they thought winter was because the sun lost power.

Let's not also forget that slaves would become masters, peasants became the city commanders, and everything closed so anyone could join in on the fun. It was a hedonistic time. Yeah. Remember that when you're belting out "All I Want For Christmas Is You."

4. Christmas is now just a way for companies to make money.

Christmas is getting shoved in your face earlier and earlier because it's the best time for companies to make money. Why just stick to a couple weeks when they could make it last longer?

5. Forget traveling. The holiday celebrators will crowd it all.

Let's hear it for excessive amounts of fossil fuels in the air due to the insane amount of traveling this time of the year! Hooray!

6. Speaking of bad for the environment, let's not forget the amount of waste presents make.

All the plastic, food waste, energy consumption, and wrapping paper adds up.

7. Holiday depression is a very real thing.

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You might have already thought it was crazy for someone to actually HATE Christmas, but some people have a real reason to hate it. Some people have actual holiday depression due to the constant reminders of the joy other people have that they lack.

8. The Christmas music and movies are incredibly tacky.

Make it stop.

9. The obnoxious Facebook posts

Not everyone has the pleasure of spending time with loved ones, receiving or even giving gifts, or able to eat a good meal on the holiday. Imagine seeing that plastered on social media. No thanks.