Creative gifts to give your creative friends
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5 Crafty Gifts to Give Your Creative Friends and Family for Christmas

Give crafts made out of love this year.

Creative Gift Ideas

As someone who highly considers themselves as a creative individual, I have had the tendency in the past to take for granted the difficulties that may come with discovering the perfect gifts to give overly creative minds during the Christmas season. The average notably creative individual typically enjoys receiving thoughtful gifts with a great amount of consideration and creativity involved. If you struggle with finding the perfect gift for your creative loved ones, here is a list of ten perfect gifts for any creative type this Christmas:

Colorful PaintbrushesAndrian Valeanu

1. For the Artist: A cool and unique gift that any painter, sculptor, or any other visual artist would enjoy is a collection of artwork from other talented and creative strangers. Small local artist's shops and vendors typically hold an array of beautiful, handmade artwork that could be a fellow art-lover's goldmine. It may take some searching, but once you look hard enough, you can discover artwork that you'd never find in mainstream shops.

For the PhotographerPhotographDariusz Sankowski

2. For the Photographer: As someone is quite passionate about photography, one of the most exciting things is discovering a vintage camera, dated decades in the past. As vintage items are sparking the interests of many of today's youth, a vintage camera may be just the right gift for the photographer in your life. Try searching in small, local thrift shops for the greatest quality vintage cameras. It's likely that after a bit of detective work, you may just find the perfect photography gift for this Christmas season.

ArtAnnie Spratt

3. For the Craft-Lover:

For anyone who has loved ones who enjoy crafting, it is evident that crafters have a love for bringing an artistic approach to telling stories, preserving memories, and creating something out of nothing. For this holiday season, a great gift idea for your crafty friends is a scrapbook of all of your favorite memories with them. Print off all of your best pictures, grab your hot glue gun and scissors, and bring your ribbons and buttons! This creative Christmas gift will surely leave your crafty loved ones impressed.

Craft LoversMitch Lensink

4. For the Musician:

The average individual loves music, but it takes a special kind of music lover to appreciate good music on vinyl records in a day and age of the music-streaming phenomenon. Musicians, in particular, would really love a gift of vinyl records of all of their favorite artists, both classic and modern alike.

WritingJoanna Kosinska

5. For the Writer:

As a writer, I can attest to the idea that writers typically have a shameless obsession with journals, stationary, and everything in-between. If you've found yourself to be stuck trying to find the perfect gift for the writers in your life, a nice, pleather-bound journal is a gift that any writer is bound to love. Add an authentic calligraphy pen or a vintage quill and ink set, and your writer friends will love you for life!

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