There are certain things that every girl wants, and then there are certain items every sorority girl wants! Make sure to add these to your list for that sorority girl you're shopping for this Christmas!

1. Self tanner.


Every sorority girl swears by self-tanner, I promise. The best one is St. Tropez!

2. Engravable necklace with her letters.


This is super cute and who wouldn't want to show off their letters with a necklace like this? Etsy is a great place to find necklaces like this!

3. Car decal of letters.


These are super popular and cheap too! It's a great way to show your support for your organization while driving around picking up coffee!

4. Cabin socks.


These are the BEST for when it's insanely cold out and you have to walk to class... throw on some cabin socks with your favorite boots and you're ready to go!

5. Lululemon leggings.

Everyone and their brother, including frat brothers, have Lululemon! While the price tag is a bit high, Lulu's quality, as well as their warranty, is enough to persuade anyone hesitant into buying!

6. Starbucks gift cards.

Sorority girls are always up late - whether for good reasons or not - and we run on coffee. Get the sorority girl on your list a nice Starbucks gift card and she'll be so happy!

7. Windbreaker with letters.


While this is a more expensive item, a good windbreaker comes in handy and how cute is it that it also has her letters on it! Windbreakers are a great idea for a gift, especially if it's monogrammed!

8. Planner.


We constantly have 500 things going on, whether it's events or just things that need to get done. Buying a planner so we can keep it all straight would be a miracle!

9. Perfume/anything from Bath and Body Works.


Bath and Body Works is like a sorority girl's dream come true - smells amazing and cheap! Perfume is a great gift and with scents like Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte, who can resist?

10. Laptop stickers.


Laptop stickers are a great gift because they're cheap and customizable - and it's a great way for your girl to add a little bit of style to her laptop!

11. Candles.


There's almost always a candle burning in my apartment (sorry mom!) but seriously, they are a great gift and they help your house or apartment feel a little cozier and like home.

12. Gas gift cards.

LITERALLY how could you go wrong with these?? I love when I can fill up my tank for free!

13. Makeup/skincare.


Figure out what brand she likes and go crazy! There's nothing more fun than opening new makeup and experimenting with it!

14. Throw blanket/weighted blanket.

Weighted blankets are supposed to be amazing for sleep - and that's what a college girl definitely wants is sleep! They are a little pricey, but they work wonders!

15. Decorative wine glasses.


We all know Wednesday wine night is a thing - so why not have fun with it? Get a little crafty and make her some fun wine glasses to take back to school with her after the holidays!

Have fun shopping for all the girls on your Christmas list, especially your sorority sisters!