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10 Couple Outings To Try This Christmas In New York

The holidays are finally upon us, and with much excitement in the air, let's throw some love into the mix.

Natalie Almeida

The most magical time of the year has come, and what's better than spending it alongside that special someone? Here are 10 things I like to do to make this holiday season even better.

1. Make gingerbread houses

A must do yummy treat with some fun competition. Make your house the best and see who's the real pro. The best houses have the most imagination. So get creative, use all the candy you can find, and make the perfect gingerbread house.

2. Watch a local holiday light show

If you're looking for something budget friendly, this is the activity for you. Enjoy a free show in the comfort of your own car. Call it a date and just let the lights do the work. Tune on your radio, sit back, and enjoy.

3. DIY custom stockings

Have fun customizing your own stockings to hang over the fire place. With just a few affordable supplies you can turn any ordinary red sock shape into a beautiful masterpiece. The fun in customization is that no two will ever be exactly the same, and you can keep them for years to come.

4. Visit the Dyker Heights Christmas Lights

Every year these festive homes are decorated with an explosion of lights. Guided tours are available as well for your pleasure or just take a spontaneous trip and walk through this elaborate Christmas town.

5. Bake Christmas cookies

If you enjoy baking and sweet desserts, prepare a batch of delicious holiday-themed cookies. You can bake them for yourselves paired with a cup of milk or they even serve as a great Christmas treat.

6. Customize your own ornaments

These are simple, yet so cute. Custom ornaments are available at your local mall or online. You can choose from a variety of fun characters or even insert your own custom picture of your choosing. Get yours and make it a yearly tradition.

7. Bryant Park's Winter Village

The famous winter village over at Bryant Park comes alive every holiday season. There are various vendors stationed with the most adorable Christmas-themed collections. Enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate alongside some freshly baked donuts.

8. Hot cocoa and a Christmas movie

If you're anything like me who loves watching movies and cuddling, then I don't know anything better fitting for you. Nothing says romance like some delicious hot cocoa and a classic Christmas movie alongside the one you love.

9. Go ice skating

You can go ice skating all year round, but there's something about doing it in the Christmas spirit. Enjoy the festive lights, cheerful music, and starry night while you bring out those skates.

10. Visit the Rockefeller Tree 

Visiting the tree at Rockefeller Center is one tradition that I make sure to do every year. The city is filled with the spirit of Christmas and looks even more beautiful with all the decorations. When you go, make sure to snap a picture for the years of memories to come.

Christmas is by far my favorite time of the year. I love the little traditions it comes with and the happiness it brings to people everywhere. I hope you've enjoyed these ideas, and I wish you a fun-filled holiday season with the people you love most.

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