Christmas Eve:

Yes the day that is obviously very full of happiness, relaxation, and just enjoying the holiday season for what it is....

Hahaha only in a "Winter Wonderland" is where Christmas Eve actually looks like that, when in reality it just feels bit more like this

There's the last minute Christmas wrapping

Or if you're like me, it's more like last minute Christmas shopping that you forgot to do.

Speaking of Christmas shopping, you'll probably have to stop by the grocery store as well for those ingredients you need for tomorrow.

And there's cleaning, don't forget to clean, especially if there's company coming over!

Finally the day is coming to an end though as you snuggle up in your pj's and enjoy yourself.

Christmas Day

If you're like me and you happen to sleep next to the living room and have to pass it to go to the restroom in the morning. There is nothing worse than having to go to the restroom early in the morning on Christmas day. It means I have to run to the restroom with my eyes closed so the surprise of what I got for Christmas from Santa isn't ruined.

See in my house you have to wait for everyone else to wake up before we can start Christmas, so I spend most of Christmas morning in my bed like this after my early morning bathroom run.

Finally though everyone is awake and that means yummy breakfast and presents time!!!

After that is over it is time for cleaning again, because apparently yesterday wasn't enough.

Also there's cooking to be done.

Finally the family is here though. Prepare for the hugs!

It's basically guaranteed now that at one point someone is going to cry at least once, but no one knows who or why but it's just going to happen. It's not Christmas until someone cries.

Finally dinner comes around and by now you've realized how crazy everyone in your family is.

But still it's Christmas and you're proud to be a part of this group of weirdos,which also means that you are one as well!