Christian Optimism This Election

I cant wait for this election!! I am excited to see what happens at the end of this election.

I am excited not because I agree completely with either candidate. No I am not excited for this. However, because the outcome of this election will greatly effect the economy and what will happen with the military's involvement in immigration, what will be done with rights for women and abortion and many other things as well. I believe that this will bring America into a very different view.

Well what do you mean by That? I'm glad you asked...

First off, I would like to say that I do not agree with the overall behavior of either candidate for this 2016 election. As an american citizen I do not prefer either Hilary or Donald to represent America. I am disappointed in the level of immaturity and disrespect shown on both sides. I am saddened that it seems impossible to have discussions in from what is deemed as the highest level of political power from the United States that for both candidates that they do not have the self-control to not point fingers and be honest (even for politicians).

Even so, with all that is happening I believe that from any out come as a Christian that God is still going to do what He wants to with this country. I believe that this country was brought up with the belief and the desire to worship and follow God. That same God never changes; not today, not tomorrow, and not the day after that. I am encouraged by this election not discouraged because God moves through the pain.

Mark 9:12 says ..."It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick."

The world is sick, but I believe that if God wants to He can use a president to bring prosperity or pain. Through pain, He can use pain to show brokenness and then to bring a realization that we all need God .You have to realize your sick before you can find a cure. Overall, I know that if the U.S. does have either candidate elected major changes will follow whether good or bad I am not entirely sure, but I am excited! God is still very present and loving and if He wants, to He can bring the U.S. into a time of pain because we are fallen. The U.S. is FULL of broken confused people who might even know that He is the answer but are not desperate enough to leave their selfish lives to follow something Him.

This also is going to bring an even greater opportunity for Christians to minister and help the lost! This should be exciting! Yes, things could become more difficult but even the biggest problems we could ever imagine are still just small to Him. You must be broken first to recieve healing but in those moments are the most amazing and beautiful parts in life because that is when you can see God the most clearly.

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