yOUr Response To The Election
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yOUr Response To The Election

Students from the University of Oklahoma respond to the results of the 2016 presidential election.

yOUr Response To The Election

As everyone knows by now, November 8, 2016 was election day for the United States of America. A day that comes around every four years, and allows the American people to voice their opinion on various state questions and candidates, but mainly it is the day we decide on who we want to be the next President of the United States of America.

The Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, won the popular vote with 60,981,118 votes. The Republican nominee, Donald Trump, had 60,350,241 votes. The Libertarian party candidate, Gary Johnson, had 4,164,589 votes. The Green party candidate, Jill Stein had 1,255,968 votes. Finally, there were 840,260 "other" votes.

The electoral college votes is another story. The way the United States government works, is that the presidential nominees must obtain 270 electoral college votes in order to become the next president. Clinton received 228 electoral college votes, and Trump received 290 electoral college votes (AP).

This means that Donald Trump is the President-elect. He will be inaugurated on January 20, 2017. Trump will be the 45th President of the United States of America.

This outcome has created a whirlwind of responses from Republicans to Democrats and everyone in between. I decided to ask some students from my university, the University of Oklahoma, what they thought about the results of this years election.

I asked OU students: What is your response to Trump winning the presidential election? These are some of their responses (note: some asked to remain anonymous):

Those who voted for Hillary Clinton:

"It's really heartbreaking to see people I care about tweet about how scared they are now" said sophomore Bailey Brown.

"Donald Trump winning the election is one of the worst things that has ever happened to this country. Women, Muslims, immigrants, people of color and members of the LGBTQ+ community are going to be living in constant fear. He's not going to make America great again, he's going to reverse the country that's supposed to be progressing" said freshman Ali Farthing.

"I'm hurt by all the discrimination that has already taken over by him becoming President-elect. Also, shocked by how many condone those actions" said senior anonymous.

"This election turnout is not surprising. Our American society was built on a hateful institutionalized thought process" said freshman Jericka Handie.

"I feel the election of Trump shows the ignorance and true agenda of the U.S. citizens. We have no idea of the true meaning of justice and equality" said freshman Cecily Tullis.

"In a way, I knew people would vote for him, but I never would have thought that he would actually win. I was shocked, sad, uncertain, angry and scared" said sophomore Aisha.

"I was shocked that he won, but the only thing we can do now is hope that he is a good president and not the man he was on the campaign trail. Instead of America being divided over the election, we need to come together to stand for what we want this country to become. He may be the President-elect, but we are still the people of the United States, and our voice still matters" said senior Julia Bauer.

"I think the nation is shocked by the final outcome, and I think that Trump is more or less an awful person, but I don't think our country is going to crumble as much as everyone assumes it will. Trump and Hillary both have many negative attributes and I don't agree with many of decisions either one of them have made, but our country is still a democracy and nothing will change that. 'One nation under God'" said sophomore anonymous.

"I'm disappointed, but we need to give him a chance" said sophomore anonymous.

"White women and men of all backgrounds made Trump's victory possible because they are scared of losing control of an increasingly diverse America. This is a time for all Americans to come together for love and against hate" said sophomore anonymous.

Those who voted for Donald Trump:

"I think that it is the best decision in moving forward. I think that people are being extremely over dramatic about the decision. They need to realize that they are saying Trump spreads hate, but they are hating on him and anyone who supports him. He was the lesser of two evils and I support him as our future POTUS" said senior anonymous.

"I'm glad he won" said sophomore anonymous.

"I'm okay with it. Hillary was nothing close to a good representative of what I believe in, so Trump was my next best option. At the end of the day, I'm not here to have political figures make or break my life. Loving God is my number one priority, and I pray that how I treat those around me makes others see Him; not that I'm a female who is pro-life, or generalize me as a 'racist bigot' because I voted for Trump. That shouldn't matter" said sophomore Cameron Walker.

"Relieved, so glad" said sophomore anonymous.

"I am pleased with the result because I did not want Mrs. Clinton as my president. I believe Trump will do great things as president" said sophomore anonymous.

"I am very happy because I believe in his ability to lead this country economically and we have a large debt that needs to be fixed" said junior anonymous.

"I'm satisfied with the results for my own personal political views, but unsatisfied with the reactions of the opposing party and the division that's being created. The flag burnings, riots and extreme insults toward every and any Trump supporter is becoming unacceptable" said freshman anonymous.

"As a Republican, I don't understand the ideology of a Democrat. I understand the intentions are good, but being liberal to the point of restricting conservatives rights is not good. Yes, I'm conservative, but only to a certain point. I'm not homosexual, but I do not wish to hinder homosexuals. When discussing Donald Trump, I believe he has good intentions at heart, to better the U.S.A. How he does this is uncertain, but all I can do is hope for the best and pray I picked the correct candidate" said sophomore anonymous.

"I think he won because he was the lesser of two evils. He won because he is economically savvy and that is what our country needs right now more than anything. Anyone who says otherwise or believes that he won because our country consists of racist misogynists is ignorant" said sophomore Amanda Stephens.

"I voted for the Republican party, but even I wouldn't have supported Trump if he wasn't the only option on the ballot. I do, support my party and I believe that with his winning, he deserves the same respect as any other President-elect. What saddens me is how the people who voted for him seem to be labeled by the opposing party voters for voting for Trump. Just because you voted for Trump doesn't mean you're a racist or sexist. Voting for Hillary doesn't mean you support socialism or abortion either" said senior anonymous.

Those who voted for Gary Johnson:

"I knew people didn't like Trump, but I never realized the fear people felt when they thought of him as being the president. Also, there was a lot of hypocrisy on election day. I saw people posting on their social media 'go vote' and when results were released those same people said 'all of you who voted third-party wasted your vote.' It just annoyed me" said sophomore anonymous.

"I cannot wrap my head around how Hillary Clinton had 129,448 more popular votes, but Trump had 71 more electoral votes. It makes me think that Donald Trump was going to win regardless of if people exercised their rights to vote which shows that we do not truly have a predator, racist, sexist, homophobic and a perpetrator of the oppression of other marginalized groups" said junior anonymous.

"I'm very sad because of how it affects my gay older brother, and I see how distraught he is over it so I take it personally. However, my father will benefit from a Trump presidency which is the silver lining I can hold onto" said sophomore Elizabeth Schulke.

Those who did not vote:

"I think America will be safer from foreign threats by increasing military support and America will be on track to becoming great again by reinforcing American ideals which we would've strayed away from if Hillary was president, such as focusing on helping the people within our country first before putting our time and resources into people from other countries" said freshman anonymous.

"The country proved that they are ready for change and change is what they are going to get. Both campaigns were very good, but Trump has made a dramatic affect on our citizens. I'm very excited for our future" said sophomore anonymous.

This is just a small glimpse into the many and diverse responses from students at the University of Oklahoma about the 2016 presidential election. No matter what, I think it is important that we continue to move forward. We have to respect the fact that Donald Trump is our President-elect. We have to come together as one united nation, and focus on what is important.

Thank you to those who shared their responses for this article.

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