The major that I chose was forensic biology. Originally, I wanted to go to school to be a surgeon, a heart or brain surgeon. After talking to multiple people and thinking about it more and more every day, I decided to choose forensic biology. After graduating my current school, I plan on going to medical school and into a pathology program. The issue with being a surgeon for me is that I don’t enjoy doing the same thing repeatedly all of the time. It bores me. In forensic pathology, I will not be doing the same thing repeatedly every time an autopsy is required for someone.

The main reasons of why I chose forensic pathology are that it is interesting, a different experience, and there are a ton of opportunities that can come from it. To me, it is interesting because I see crimes on the news and read about them all the time. When something happens to someone, their family wants closure on what happened. For instance, if someone was murdered, their family would want to know what happened. It is a shame when these cases go “cold.” The criminal doesn’t get what they deserve and the family is not justified. It is not only this that interests me. The anatomy of a person and what caused their death is what interests me the most. That is something that I am passionate about and would absolutely love to work with. Every case is different, so every time is a different experience. One case may be a homicide, another may be a suspicious death, and so on. It isn’t always the same thing. Tons of opportunities can come from this type of job, just like any other type of employment.

All my life, especially through my high school years, I was told to do what made me happy. I believe that this job is one that would make me extremely happy. Some people may be disgusted by what I chose for my occupation. Some people may find it interesting that I have the stomach to do something like this. Others may love it the way I do. Either way, it does not affect my decision of what I want to do. This is something I am completely passionate about doing. I hope that you find something that you will absolutely love to do, just as I have.