I Chose A Major My Heart Loves

I Chose A Major My Heart Loves

My path to Psychology wasn't always easy.
Mary Rom
Mary Rom

College can be intimidating, exciting, and frustrating all at once. It is a place where you can find yourself, lose yourself, and find yourself all over again. I am in a completely different place now, then I was as a freshman. As a senior in high school, I thought I had a pretty clear idea of what I wanted to do with my life. My plan was to become a special education teacher and teach Kindergarten to fifth graders.

In elementary, through high school, I have always engaged myself in extracurricular activities and still do to this day. From seventh to twelfth grade, I participated in a program called Natural Helpers or as my friends and I liked to call it “Natural Healers.” This is a national program, that most schools participate in. The selection process for Natural helpers is pretty simple. An anonymous survey is given out throughout the school, asking students which of their fellow students and staff members they felt the most comfortable talking to about any problems that they may face.

From what I can remember, we would have one meeting, every other month during a designated period of time. When I first started out, I remember being shy, and seeking the other member's help, because I didn't really know what I was doing, or if I was giving the right kind of advice. Although it wasn't evident to me at the time, it was clear to those around me that I had a knack for giving people advice and making them "feel better." I thought I was the one who needed help and was shocked to be picked for such a position.

Still passionate about teaching, and having a love of giving people advice and being a part of the program, I stayed with Natural Helpers until I graduated high school. The older I got, the more people I saw turning to me for advice. Sometimes I was even asked to sit in a private meeting, to discuss a situation that a younger Natural Helper was conflicted with.

During my first one and a half years of college, I changed my major twice. First, I declared my major as Special Education. I wasn't ready to give up my dream of teaching kids, and at the time I thought that if I changed my major, it meant giving up my dream. Then I realized something. I could make a career of giving people advice, do something I love, and get that feeling back that Natural Helpers gave me. Since Old Westbury didn't offer Social Work as a major, but only a minor, I decided to declare my major as Sociology.

My relationship with Sociology lasted about a semester. I spoke with my Intro to Sociology professor, and she told me that she thought Psychology would be a great fit for me. Not because I wasn't doing well with the course work, but because she could tell from our conversations that I still didn't find my place. I dreaded having to change my major again, and I had no idea what it would mean for me, or my future career.

Needless to say, my path to Psychology wasn't an easy one. Having almost entered my senior year of college, I can say for certain that I have found my home within Psychology. I can honestly say those five years of being apart of Natural Helpers has definitely helped me become the person I am today. While learning how to help others, I am also helping myself grow in ways I could've never imagined possible.

It's OK to change your major, and it's OK if it takes you a while to find a home within it. You have to choose a major that makes your heart happy. If you don't love what you do, then why are you doing it?

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Things I Miss Now That I'm Home From College Again

There are so many reasons to be glad that the school year is over, but if you've done it right... there are a lot of reasons to miss it too.


So, school is over now and I've come home. As expected I was so relieved at first. No more showering with flip-flops, no more listening to screaming girls running up and down the hall, and a space that is mine and mine alone. But after a week or so of being back, there are a few things I've already started to miss.

I know that not every single person has the ideal roommate but I got really lucky with mine. Coming home I was excited to have my own space, but now when I'm doing my midnight scrolling, I'm realizing that I miss being able to talk to her about the funny things I see in that very moment. Tagging, DMing, and texting her doesn't feel the same as a long night of giggles spent together.

Also, while seeing old friends when you get home is amazing, and there is always a lot to catch up on, you do start to miss your other friends too. Being in college means that your friends are going through similar things as you are all the time. You have tests together, clubs together, and sometimes you spend way too much time procrastinating together. The bond you begin to form is one you definitely begin to miss - especially when you guys don't live close off of campus.

Coming home also means you don't have a set schedule or at least not immediately. You may come back to a previous job and that puts something on your calendar, but the free time you still have during the week can be a little too much. I know I've spent way too much time obsessing over the Tati/James drama than I ever would have at school. The routine I had at school kept me busy and entertained, and I'm honestly missing it a lot right now.

There are a lot of other things to miss too - even things you thought you wouldn't. You miss the classes, the teachers, and sometimes the food. I know I miss the environment. It isn't a perfect one, but it's full of people just trying to find their way. We are all working through the roller coaster of life and we are all stuck on one beautiful campus together while we figure it all out. I miss meeting new people at the bus stops or running into old classmates and catching up.

I guess the bonus for me is that I just finished sophomore year which means I have more time to spend at school. Come senior year, I guess I'll have to learn quickly how to deal without the things I miss - and also create a schedule so I can travel to see all of my friends, but those are all problems for future me.

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