Choosing Happiness
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Choosing Happiness

Happiness is not solely an emotion, but a choice.

Choosing Happiness
Amy Tangerine

Every since I was little, my mom was always a firm believer in the idea that you are responsible solely for your own individual happiness. "Make your own happy," she would say. Growing up, I found this hard to grasp. My whole life was centered around the love and recognition from others. Whether that meant getting all A's on my report card or being the recipient of an award, or even just having a good amount of friends. In high school, one little event could have a severe impact on my mood on that given day or the week that followed.

The recognition we all-as humans- wish for and thrive on is decreasingly important as we become members of the real world. Of course we still want some type of positive interaction with our peers but it's just not the same as it once was. This is important. Self growth and happiness is an individual process that requires a lot of love, reflection, personal time and acceptance. College may be the first large sum of time, young adults are given to achieve this milestone, but not everyone will understand it right away; I know I didn't.

We hold so much happiness and importance in the relations we have with others. Whether that be a significant other, a friend, or a parent, the different factions of our lives should be celebrated but never make or break our overall experience. At the end of the day, our individual happiness within ourselves is the life vest that saves us when every other ship is sinking.

It may take a specific moment of your life for this to all come full circle. You may reach a breaking point that seems unconquerable, but once you realize that you accomplished what you once thought you couldn't, you will find a newfound significance in your own strength and grace.

Take the time for you. Love yourself before you love others and know that no matter what may be happening elsewhere in your life, you will always have yourself. Forgive yourself for the mistakes of the past; reward yourself for reaching your goals. But most of all, appreciate how fragile you once were and how strong you have become.

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