Future Me,

I truly hope that you have reached your goal and you are happy. I know that life hasn't always been easy, but I know it has been a journey full of experiences and challenges. I hope that you have been embracing every moment and appreciating every opportunity. I hope that you have been challenging yourself. You always needed the extra push sometimes. I hope that you remained blissfully enchanted by everyone you meet. I hope that you are still choosing to have a big heart, instead of allowing the cruel world to get to you. I hope that you have been honest, even if your honesty created turmoil. The only thing we have in this life to be remembered by is our word. I hope that you created something, and you are proud of it.

I hope that you are reckless sometimes, you never have been good at taking chances and you needed to be. I hope that you are being the best teacher you can be, you were always told you were going to change the lives of your students. I hope that you are still allowing yourself to let people in, even when others show you reasons not too. I hope that you are still the kind of person that would drop anything to do anything for anyone.

I hope that you are still holding your family and friends close to you because they have always been so important. I hope that you aren't overworking yourself and you are finding time to just relax. I hope that you are still writing. It has been important to you forever and just because life gets distracting I don't want you to lose that. I hope you are still finding the positive side of every situation and using that to your advantage. I hope you wake up happy every day and embrace all the things this life has given you.

Future me, what I really am trying to say is that you deserve the world, so I hope that you are taking advantage of life and remembering all the greatness in the world. Sometimes this world can be dark but you always brought a light to it.