Barbados Can Be Your Next Destination
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Barbados Can Be Your Next Destination

Making a decision for your next trip can be easy.

Barbados Can Be Your Next Destination

Barbados is a tiny island nestled in the Caribbean. When you envision the meaning of the words 'Tropical Paradise,' you instantly think turquoise beaches, hammocks, sea breeze, coconut trees etc. well this is that place in reality. I have travelled to Barbados on two occasions- the first one was for pure rest and relaxation but on my second visit I had more of the 'Bajan' experience and this is the visit I wish to highlight in this article.

For my first four days on this trip, I booked a resort on my favourite app, Expedia. I stayed at a resort called Sugar Bay Resort which is close to Bridgetown, the capital. I could have opted for a cheap bed and breakfast but booked this all-inclusive hotel because I was a solo traveler, the rates were reasonable and reviews and pictures seemed really nice from the research I did. I knew after my stay there I was going to spend the rest of my vacation with a friend who lives on the island so why not pay the extra for the inclusive experience.

The Resort

On arrival to this resort from the airport via an airport taxi, I was greeted warmly by a bell boy who took my luggage out of the taxi and then escorted me to the lobby and reception area for check-in. As soon as I walked up to the receptionist I was greeted with warm smiles as I gave my name for check-in. She already had my paperwork from my booking on Expedia waiting for me. As I am waiting for her to check me into the system and organize my keys, maybe two seconds later another lady came up to me bearing these cold hand towels infused with something giving off that pungent but soothing peppermint scent as she handed them to me. At this point I was already so amazed but that wasn't all, another two seconds later, the bellboy came up and kindly offered me a drink. Of course, I chose beer...its a Caribbean thing! I honestly was so amazed by the professionalism and humbleness of the employees at Sugar Bay Barbados. It didn't end there but the first impression was a lasting one indeed!

The beach is right on the outskirts of the resort so you don't need to walk far and was well equipped with beach chairs and hammocks for your enjoyment.

I mean, how can you not enjoy that view?

Every employee I encountered on this resort were amazing. The food was excellent and of a wide variety, the atmosphere was inviting and most of all the bartenders were great.

Food with a view!

There was even a sushi bar and a steakhouse at this resort.

These are some of the bartenders who were amazing and really good company.

Sugar Bay Resort also nightly entertainment along with an in house club so you didn't need to leave the resort! It was sad to leave at the end of the four days but it was onto other adventures!

Outside The Resort

Where do I even start? Since I love cars and racing, I will start with my Bushy Park Race Track experience. Barbados hosted the Festival of Speed in May 2016 and this was one of the things I booked to do prior to my arrival in Barbados. That was a huge event which featured world champion racer, Lewis Hamilton. There were so many different events on the day including but not limited to, motorbikes, go carts, monster trucks, Suzuki Swifts and of course Lewis Hamilton's Mercedes AMG race car. It was such an adrenaline filled day at the park and of course I met the man himself, Lewis who also autographed my shirt that I haven't even sent to dry clean yet! On a normal day however, you can book your go carting experiences etc.

Having a friend who lives on the island made everything easier because he knew all the great places to go and things to do. One thing on my bucket list was to go to a shooting range and use a gun so we made that happen at the Kendall Sporting Centre. It was definitely worth it and I was happy to cross that off but its also something I will surely do again!

We embarked on an island road trip as well! It was breathtaking. Barbados doesn't have any beach you cannot bathe in or won't enjoy looking at. The waters are so blue and reflective it's almost difficult to look at it in the blazing sun without your sun glasses! There are also beaches where you can get your surf on if you're into that. We stopped at a popular place called Bathsheba which is filled with beautiful rock formations and gorgeous views. We also opted for a view from the top!

After Bathsheba, heading to the northern end of the island on the road trip we stopped at some caves which is also a tourist destination called "The Animal Flower Caves". The flowers in this cave are also animals which is so cool! Nature is super amazing and it was indeed something to see! There is a small entrance fee however. The view of the ocean from inside the cave will leave you in awe. You can also swim in the caves if you wish as it is safe there are stunning pools of sea water in them. (Beach shoes are recommended because of the rocks).

Another popular tourist destination in Barbados is the Harrison Caves. It is an absolute blow-mind natural wonder. I was totally amazed by these huge limestone formations and that we were able to take a mini train like vehicle and drive through them. This is a 'must do' when you visit Barbados. (My pictures may not do much justice as reality would)

Also, try some pickled foods when you're in Barbados. I had pickled shrimp and breadfruit! So delicious! Not to mention their burgers from St Lawrence Gap! OMG, it is to die for! Most amazing burger ever! St Lawrence Gap is also the popular place for nightlife, so be sure to check that out for some Caribbean fun! And after partying have one of the best burgers in this world, I guarantee you won't regret it!

Don't forget to take in some of the most amazing beach sunsets on evenings. Such tranquility and peace while you enjoy some dinner or drinks by any restaurant or bar on the coast.

There is also so much more you can do but these were the highlights of my visit in a nutshell so if you're thinking of having a Caribbean escape for that warm tropical vibe you can consider this Caribbean paradise! Also feel free to let me know what you think, you can comment or ask questions and share! Feel free follow me on Facebook and Instagram @adventuresofraehana for more pictures and travel adventure tips!

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